How to stay focused when comparing moving quotes?

Moving is an exciting experience, but also stressful. We understand that the entire process can be overwhelming. From determining how each item should be packed to finding the best movers to work with to ensuring you have your moving day essentials prepared. One of the most important aspects of moving is selecting movers and comparing their quotes. If you’re having trouble deciding between one mover and another, we have some tips for comparing movers’ quotes to help make the process easier, allowing you to shift your focus to the rest of the move as soon as possible. We at Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are here to help you make that decision and choose the best quality service at an affordable rate.

a woman comparing moving quotes on her lap top
Comparing moving quotes and preparing for the move, in general, is quite a stressful process.

Tips for properly comparing moving quotes

Moving estimates are provided by movers to assist you in determining the total cost of the moving process. They are an excellent predictor of how much money you will have to spend and how much labor the moving company will require to complete the job. It can have a significant impact on how you manage and create your budget. A moving company can now assist you in determining the moving estimate in two ways:

  • The online estimate – A moving company can assist you in determining the cost of your move via video chat (is not quite reliable as in person)
  • The in-home estimate – A moving company representative will visit your home to estimate the amount of work, weight, and cost of the move.

The second estimate is much more trustworthy than the first. But online estimates are a better way to estimate during a pandemic and when time is limited. Regardless, you should always try to get an in-home estimate.

1. Do your research

The most important aspect of the move, in general, is conducting research. Don’t settle for a single moving company right away. Begin by researching your options and comparing the offers they make. This is the best way to get an idea of what you’re up against. Furthermore, it will assist you in properly comparing moving estimates. Knowing what kinds of offers are available will assist you in determining the middle line and an approximate amount you will have to spend. The best way to determine the price range of these types of moves is to understand the middle ground. Having an idea of what the cost might be will help you distinguish between good and bad deals.

2. Call your movers

Calling the moving companies is a simple way to obtain all of the necessary information. If you did your homework, you can call the moving company to confirm your estimates. You should, of course, do this with more than one company. Start calling the companies you’ve chosen and see which one comes closest to your budget. Keep in mind that this step will assist you in determining whether or not a company’s information is accurate. Valid moving companies will gladly share all pertinent information about their services and relocation with you. This is the primary distinction between a legitimate and a fraudulent moving company. For example, if you hire movers Las Vegas, you can get a moving quote based on your belongings.

A man talking on the phone
Always call your moving company to check their rates and services once again.

3. Be mindful of the offers that appear too good to be true

Many fraudulent businesses will go to any length to entice customers to use their services. That usually means they’ll promise something they can’t deliver. Furthermore, this is the first red flag that the company has malicious intent and is attempting to deceive you. Because moving is stressful, a fraudulent moving company will try to sugarcoat the situation for you by making impossible-to-refuse offers. However, if you’ve ever moved a house, you’ll know that it costs money and that no one does it for free – practically. Understanding that this is a process that calls for the creation of a budget is critical to avoid being duped. Furthermore, a reputable firm like household movers Las Vegas, will be straightforward and will not sugarcoat the situation.

4. Write down all the estimates

Make a note of each offer on a piece of paper. You will feel more in control when comparing moving quotes as a result of this. Furthermore, it will allow you to remain focused and avoid becoming confused by the prices and offers. Writing down the names of companies along with their offers is a good way to both evaluate their legitimacy and differentiate between the offers. Finally, you know how much inventory you have, and a low-cost offer is usually a bad sign. A licensed moving company will always be professional and take matters seriously. This means that they will gladly come to your home with a team of experts to assess the cost and manpower needed. This is the most effective method for determining your moving budget and stay within it.

a man taking notes
Writing down all the quotes as you receive them will help you compare.

5. Take recommendations from family and friends

Taking advice from someone who has been through the moving process more than once is the best way to ensure a good relocation experience from a legitimate moving company. For example, if any of your friends or relatives have recently moved, ask them to give you some pointers on what to expect. Furthermore, they can recommend you a reputable and legitimate moving company. We highly suggest that you compare Las Vegas movers prices together with your friend group.

6. Choose a well-known moving company

The well-known movers in your area are well-known for a reason. First and foremost, they will provide you with all of the services you require. Second, their moving quote evaluation is a solid piece of information that will bring you closer to the reality of the situation. That is, they will make you a true and valid offer based on the number of items you have, the distance you must travel, and the weight of your items. A well-known moving company will not put its reputation in jeopardy. Furthermore, you can gather information for several well-known companies to determine which one is the best fit for you.

If you want to know more about comparing moving quotes and what are some red flag indicators of moving fraud, have a look at this link. We wish you a comfortable and worry-free moving day!

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