How to spend your post-move weekend in LV

You couldn’t have chosen a better city to move to than Las Vegas. This means experiencing all charms of this beautiful city, and see why it is so popular among tourists. You made a great choice when you hired one of the moving companies in Nevada to handle your move and now it’s time to start a new life at the new home. Moving was stressful, and now when it’s finally over, it’s time to relax. You are probably wondering how to spend your post-move weekend in LV. Las Vegas is a big city full of interesting to do and see. For this reason, it’s not easy to decide where to start getting to know your new city. Here are a few suggestions for you. 

What is the best place to spend your post-move weekend in LV? 

In Las Vegas there is so much to see and experience. If you want to spend time in LV as a millennial, you should start from the place where you can take a lot of pretty pictures. One of these places is Seven Magic Mountains. It’s a beautiful manmade place where you can take breathtaking photos. Not only this place, but many places in Las Vegas are social-media worthy. You will be the star among your followers. 

Las Vegas is not a millennial exclusive city for fun, there are also things to do and see for the older population. If you are one of them, after senior movers do their job, you should head straight to The Strip. The Strip is the most famous street in Las Vegas where most casinos and fun for adults are located. Zombie Burlesque sounds like something you shouldn’t miss. 

spend your post-move weekend in LV to visit the Strip
When in Vegas, visit the Strip

Why not spend your weekend in Downtown LV? 

If you are not sure where to start, with Downtown of Las Vegas you can’t go wrong. Either in the morning or the evening, Fremont Street Experience is a sight to see and experience. In the morning, there will be fewer people and you will have more peace while exploring. However, in the evening, the real fun begins. When the sun goes down, the lights in this place create an out-of-this-world experience with a lot of shopping, gambling, and fun all around. 

If you want to do something in LV as a newcomer that is not common, you should find local bars and restaurants with special flavors. Here are a few suggestions for off-the-Strip restaurants. 

  • The Black Sheep 
  • Raku 
  • Flock & Fowl 
  • Sparrow + Wolf 
LV during the day
LV is interesting during the day and night

Take some time to plan your post-move activities

As Las Vegas is a city filled with fun things, you might feel like you need to discover them all at once. But there is no need to hurry. You will have a lifetime to see the whole city if you want. For this reason, take time and plan how you will spend your post-move weekend in LV. The best thing is to visit the most famous places first, then start from your neighborhood and make your way to the rest of the city. 


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