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How to Spend 4th of July in Las Vegas

Moving to a new city means you often find yourself alone there. Your friends stay back home, wishing you all the best and sending you messages that they miss you. However, even when you keep busy, the nostalgia you feel might be the worst during the holidays. That’s the time when you remember your life back home, how you spent each day and what you did. The same applies to Las Vegas. Once North Nevada movers leave you in your new home, life might be exciting. There is new places to visit and new people to meet. And then comes the 4th of July in Las Vegas, and you might start feeling lonely again. What can you do to avoid this? Find out in this article!

Things You Can Do For the 4th of July in Las Vegas

  • go to a party – Las Vegas is, after all, a party city;
  • watch one of the many fireworks that will happen on the 4th of July in Las Vegas;
  • attend the patriotic parade.

Celebrate Independence Day at a Party

Las Vegas is a party city – all relocation services Las Vegas will attest to that. It is not only full of casinos but clubs and restaurants too. And since the city is a huge tourist trap, there is something for every person. The hotel and bar owners are well aware just how different their customers are – and so they created an assortment of different parties.

cookies and a spoon
What kind of party do you like?

You can go practically anywhere in Las Vegas and end up at a party. Hotel bars will be full, just like casinos and pools all across the city. You are also bound to hear different types of music, and see patriotic decorations throughout the streets. And if you love to party, then you are in luck! People celebrate 4th of July in Las Vegas early. Expect to hear the music on the 3rd already! What’s more, the festivities will go into the week – often lasting through the 5th to 6th Jule.

However, keep in mind that you will not be the only person celebrating 4th of July in Las Vegas. The Vegas Strip will be full of people eagerly awaiting the celebration to start. If you love crowds, then Las Vegas is a place for you. A thing to keep in mind, though, is that tickets will get pretty steep here. If you intend to travel to the city for the celebration, then you might need to pay a hefty sum.

4th of July in Las Vegas Means Fireworks

If you are celebrating Independence Day in Las Vegas, and you love beautiful fireworks displays, then you are in for a treat! By now it is a tradition that the majority of resorts in Las Vegas, and some of the best casinos in the US, compete every year for who will host the biggest, most grand fireworks show. The show usually starts right after the sunset, and sometimes can last quite a while. Different places will host a show at a different time, so you can also try and coordinate your efforts to see a couple of wonderful shows!

There are wonderful fireworks displays in Las Vegas!

However, there is a thing to remember here, too. You are not the only person in love with the colors in the sky. Both locals and tourists gather around to see the spectacle. This can sometimes make it hard to move through the crowds. If you want to have a good spot, then you will need to set out a couple of hours before the sunset. Usually, the shows will start around 9 p.m, so plan your schedule according to that.

One of the most popular displays usually is at the Ceasars Palace July 4th Celebration. The show lasts for 13 and a half minutes, and the fireworks are shot from the Julius Tower in the hotel. The show starts at 9:15 p.m. and the best spot for it is at the front fountains.

The parade makes 4th of July in Las Vegas patriotic

There is nothing more patriotic than having a colorful parade right in the middle of Las Vegas! Being a part of it is a must for all those who enjoy this type of events! At 8 p.m. at The LINQ Promenade, the parade will mark the beginning of Independence Day celebratory activities, that will culminate in huge parties city-wide. At the Sunset parade, you can see flag performers and stilt walkers, patriotic cheerleaders and hula hoop performers! The best part is that it’s an activity for a whole family – so it can help your children settle into your new home! You can watch it anywhere from the Las Vegas Blvd end of The LINQ Promenade, all the way to the Fountain Stage.

kids at the parade for the 4th of July in Las Vegas
Your kids will enjoy the Independence Day parade!

But even after the Sunset parade is over, there will be things to see and do – lasting for days after the 4th! You can dance to the live music performers or watch DJs duel musically. Your kids can also have fun in the activities designed exactly for them. They can get their caricatures and faces painted, or compete in tossing water balloons.


As you can see, there is a lot of things to do on the 4th of July in Las Vegas. The city becomes alive at this time, so even if you are a newcomer, you will see something interesting yet familiar. The events will help you feel a part of the community, and there is something for everyone. Those who love to party can visit one of the many bars and clubs, while those who love fireworks can just take a stroll outside. Whatever you do, you are sure to enjoy yourself! Happy Independence Day!

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