How to speed up the unpacking process

You enter your new home and finally think to yourself “I’ve done it!” Congratulations, you have completed the moving process. Between all the planning, organization, and sleepless nights, you also did a lot of packing. The bad thing about it is that it takes an eternity to finish, and it has an even more boring result – unpacking. But both have to be done to complete the transition. People spend weeks in achieving this, so take the advice from our Las Vegas moving help providers on how to speed up the unpacking process.

Is it even possible to speed up the unpacking process?

Did you know that it takes the average American an incredible amount of 182 days to unpack after a move? As surprising as it is, this is the average, meaning that some people need more or less time to finish this dreaded task. Unpacking is not a race, and its speed depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the home
  • Number of packed items
  • Number of people involved in the process – hiring our relocation services Las Vegas providers will make a change
  • Amount of time you can devote to unpacking
  • Motivation to finish

While it may seem impossible to unpack in less than a month, there are certain things that you can do to speed up the unpacking process.

Picture of a couple unpacking records and trying to speed up the unpacking process
Many factors affect the speed of unpacking

Use a color-coded labeling system

While it may seem confusing and like an exaggeration, colored labels are a hit in the moving industry. They might take a bit to plan and print, but they will save you so much time. The idea behind this is to devote a color to each room in your home. Every box that comes from your old bedroom will have a red label, for example. All the people that are helping you, including your furniture movers Las Vegas, should be informed of this so that they can follow the colors as well.

Devote a set amount of time every day

Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing anything. After numerous sleepless nights before your move, resting is the only thing you will be up to. But this is the time when the motivation is still high. The more you wait, the more you will get used to the cluttered floor. You don’t have to unpack most things on your first day, but you can likely devote an hour or two to unpacking every day.

Imagine your home without boxes everywhere

There is no better way to motivate a person to do something than make them imagine their goal. Your goal right now is to liberate your floors, but you should have thought about the Las Vegas mover’s prices in time. They might seem to have a high upfront cost, but they are always the more affordable solution in the long run. When you feel like giving up, think about the way your rooms will look without boxes. You can even go shopping for decor pieces, that will combine perfectly with the throw pillows for your couch, once you get them out of the boxes.

Picture of a woman who is sitting on a sofa and planning how to speed up the unpacking process
You can speed up the unpacking process by visualizing a perfectly tidy home

You can speed up the unpacking process by making it fun

When unpacking feels like a chore, you will have no motivation to do it. Because who likes chores, right? To enjoy it, you need to make it fun. Since you likely haven’t had much time for making friends, you will have to think of ways to entertain yourself while working. Music and podcasts are great ways to both enjoy yourself and learn something new. We wish you success when you try to speed up the unpacking process!

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