How to relocate during the holiday season in a hurry

During the holiday season, people tend to sit at home and enjoy their time with their families and friends. However, sometimes, people have to relocate during the holiday season in a hurry. This does not only create a stressful situation because it is the holiday season. It also adds to the stress with the fact that you have to do it in a hurry. So, how does one do something like that? In this article, we will talk about some of the ways you can finish the relocation, without losing precious time. Moreover, one of the ways to secure a good relocation experience is to hire one of the top moving companies Las Vegas to help you move.

What to do to relocate during the holiday season in a hurry

Relocation is difficult as it is. However, once you add the time factor, it can become quite overwhelming. For instance, you might not have the time to go through every single item individually. This can result in creating a mess and not knowing where what item is once you pack it. But, there are ways which you can use to have the situation under control and try and maintain the level of the organization while in a hurry. One of those ways is contacting emergency movers Las Vegas to help you pack and move on time.

  1. Organize the moving truck
  2. Ask for help
  3. Pack now – sort later
  4. Do not unpack your holiday decorations
  5. Set aside a box or two for items which you do not need
a man and a woman packing together in a hurry
When packing in a hurry you do not have the time to get into details and you primarily focus on simply just packing your items

When you are under pressure you can make mistakes. However, if you have a good organization and a genuine plan of action, you can easily manoeuvre through this process.

Organize the moving truck

The first thing you should do when you relocate during the holiday season in a hurry is to contact your moving company. Firstly, you need to know the exact time the movers will come and pick up your items. Secondly, hiring movers during the winter and holiday season can be harder than it usually is. By doing so, you will know when you can expect the movers to come and organize according to that information. Moreover, by hiring a moving company you will speed up the process and ensure that your items will arrive safely and on time. To avoid any issues and to save up on time, contact moving companies as soon as possible.

Ask for help

The best thing you can do to increase the rate of packing when in a hurry is to ask for help. For instance, contact some of your friends to come and give you a hand with packing. Because you have a time limit, you should try and utilize all the help you can get. Especially if you invite a friend who is familiar with your home and where things are. This way, you can rest assured that you will pack everything and do it on time.

a man and a woman packing together as a way to speed up packing when you relocate during the holiday season in a hurry
Contact your friends and ask for their assistance with the packing process

More importantly, having a friend in this stressful time will most likely reduce the amount of stress you feel and increase productivity. Having a helping hand will speed up the whole process and allow you to think more clearly.

Pack now – sort later

Because you do not have the time to sort your items in a way you like, you should just pack. Simply do not think about what items are in what box, just pack them. This will, unfortunately, create a harder job for once you arrive but it will save up a lot of time. Another advice regarding this step is that you can pack items without sealing the boxes. That way, if you have extra time in the end, you can try and organize your boxes a little bit. Usually, when you relocate you want to keep everything as tidy and clean as possible. However, because you are in a different situation, you will probably not have time for such tasks. So make sure you go through everything and do not worry about what item goes in what box. If you finish early, you can devote some time to organizing those boxes before the moving company arrives.

Do not unpack your holiday decorations when you relocate during the holiday season in a hurry

The best thing you can do for yourself during this process is to not unpack the holiday decorations. If you do, you will have a hard time packing those decorations. Most importantly, it will increase the chance of the ornaments breaking during the process. So, make sure your decorations are in their boxes and ready to just be placed inside the moving truck. If you are moving during the holiday, you should save the decorations for your new home. This will not only make it easier for you to pack, but it will create a homier feel once you arrive in your new home.

three cardboard boxes on the floor of the living room
Make sure your decorations are inside their boxes as they can be difficult to pack and will take up your time

Although pretty, decorations can be difficult to handle, especially in a hurry. Some things are not as important when moving in a hurry and it is important for you to recognize it.

Set aside a box or two for items you do not need

When relocating, you should always declutter. However, because the situation dictates that you have to move in a hurry, you cannot focus on such a task at the moment. Instead, try and put aside a box or two for items you do not need. This way, you can just place items inside the box as you go without it interrupting the whole process. Decluttering is an important part everyone should do before moving. It can create extra space for other items and it can help you feel less overwhelmed throughout the whole process. Once you finish with your packing, devote some time to separate items you do not need. This way, you will get rid of everything that has no purpose. Moreover, you will have less work to do once you arrive. When you relocate during the holiday season in a hurry, you should focus only on the main aspects of the move instead of details.

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