How to Relocate a Bunk Bed Like a Pro

No matter how hard the whole relocation process is, you need to be ready to embrace it. You should be very good at multitasking. Taking care of myriads of moving the ins and outs simultaneously is overwhelming. But, it is beyond necessary. So, make a plan and stick to it. You find relocation stressful? Well, you might be right. But you have to learn how to deal with it successfully. First and foremost, give Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas a call and inform yourself about their services. When you opt for a moving company you like best, discuss the terms, conditions, and how much is everything going to cost you. Next, it’s very important to load your belongings properly. For that reason, think of the best ways to relocate a bunk bed.

Is it easy to relocate a bunk bed?

At first, relocating a bunk bed might seem like a very easy task to do. However, you might not be aware of all the things you need to take into consideration when moving one. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Disassembling the bed
  • Protecting all the pieces from any kind of damage
  • Wrapping the mattresses
  • Putting everything carefully into the moving truck
  • Re-assembling the bed properly
brown wooden bunk bed
Relocating a bunk bed is no easy task so you need to prepare well for it

To Relocate a Bunk Bed, You Should Disassemble it First

It’s relatively unlikely you will be able to move bunk bed without disassembling it. You might be wondering – how does one disassemble furniture with ease? When it comes to a bunk bed, it can’t be taken out just like that because the typical door frame isn’t wide enough. For this reason, you need to relocate it piece by piece. First, remove the sheets, mattresses and other bedding. Then, move to reduce their weight. It is much easier to relocate them if they are lighter than the other way around. And now for the problematic part. Disassembling a bunk bed results in having a ton of screws and bolts. Each of them has a specific place where it fits. That is why you might benefit from taking a picture first. As a result, you’ll know how to reassemble it once you’ve settled down in your new home. Next, pack them up and label them. You should keep the bag in moving essentials bag just in case. They are tiny so they get lost pretty easily.

silver screw bolts
You need to be careful not to lose your screws and bolts when disassembling your bed

Get Down to Separating it

Even if you do due diligence and remove the bedding, it does not guarantee successful relocating. The bunk bed frame is not moving-friendly. So, this might be one of the reasons why you should hire furniture movers Las Vegas. In the meantime, come up with how to get relocating it over with on your own. The best method you can use is to separate the top bed from the lower one. To do so, you need to identify the screws connecting them. When that part is done, move to unscrewing it. Make sure not to lose any because they keep bunk bed secured. So, your children’s safety is at stake. Remember their arrangement to re-screw the bolts properly. Finally, be wary of what could go wrong. If a bunk bed construction falls, you could get a nasty moving injury.

Sort out the components

You managed to successfully disassemble the bed! But something you should keep in mind is that you need to put everything back together once you are done with the relocation process. Planning this ahead will make re-assembling the bunk bed so much easier. What you are going to do is to sort out the components and divide them into groups. This is important because you’ll have a great insight into what you’re working with. Another thing you can do when sorting out the components is taking inventory and counting all the pieces within one group of objects. Why is this a good practice? If you put everything in one place without sorting the pieces out, it’s going to be way easier to lose them. Tiny pieces can fall out and get lost and you don’t even notice. If you take inventory, you’ll know the exact number of all components of your bunk bed. And if something is missing – you’ll know.

a person writing a plan on how to relocate a bunk bed on a brown wooden table
Taking inventory of all the pieces of your bunk bed after you disassemble it will help you keep track of them and you will know in case you lose anything

Remember all the steps of disassembling the bed – so you can re-assemble it later

If you are moving by yourself without the help of professional moving companies, chances that you’ve disassembled a bunk bed before are pretty low. That’s why you need to be careful when disassembling it. Pay special attention to the order of steps while doing so. Why? Because you need to do everything the same way – just in reverse order. If you pay attention to what you are doing, re-assembling your bunk bed will be a piece of cake! On the other hand, if you choose to go with the ‘I’ll figure it out’ mindset – you’ll be faced with an unnecessary problem. Not paying attention to the steps of disassembling the bed will lead to complete confusion about re-assembling it. You’ll have no idea where to start, you’ll keep repeating the wrong steps over and over again. There will be no end to it!

Protect all the pieces of your bunk bed during transportation

Now that you’ve finally managed to successfully disassemble your bunk bed, the next step is to protect every individual piece and prepare it for transport. It doesn’t really matter if you are preparing for a long-distance move or somewhere closer to your previous home – you need to protect your bunk bed properly. We say this because you can drop something and damage it even if you need to simply move it across the street. What’s more, if you are moving somewhere far away – this needs to be your top priority. You are also doing a favor to long distance moving companies Las Vegas if you protect these items properly because they have one less worry when it comes to their transportation. A moving process is an exhausting task that takes a lot of energy and planning. Therefore, accidents are something that can happen at any given time of the move. There is never a 100% guarantee that your move is going to be completely smooth. And when we say this, we don’t mean that this can only happen to people who choose to move by themselves. Believe it or not, accidents happen even to the best professional moving companies like residential moving companies Las Vegas that have years and years of moving experience. We are all human, right?

the close-up of white bed sheets for relocating a bunk bed
Wrap the pieces of your bunk bed in some bed sheets for extra protection during transport

Wrap all the pieces individually

When you want to protect the pieces of your bunk bed properly, make sure to wrap them in something like bed sheets or plastic foil to lower the risk of them getting damaged. Don’t simply use one or two layers just so you can say you are done with it. Use as many layers as you think is needed so the items don’t break or suffer any other kind of damage.

Come up with the Loading Tactic to Relocate a Bunk Bed

The bunk bed frame is robust. Similarly, it takes lots of space when loaded. Not necessarily, though. Make use of placing it before any other item on a moving truck. Additionally, place it differently to save space. Next, use other belongings to prevent it from moving. As a consequence, it won’t fall and crush the boxes containing fragile objects. What a great method, right? Speaking of which, you need to remember to get into the aspect of professional moving quotes Las Vegas.

Storing is Important

Thinking about unloading it should direct you to why renting storage is a good idea to keep the sheets safe until the bunk bed is good to go. Before storing your linens, make sure it’s clean and away from treacherous terrain prone to landslide and flood. After checking how safe storage is, don’t be afraid of storing the sheets. What you need to think through is packing for storage.

Deal with the Mattress

Ok, so the bunk bed is successfully loaded into a moving truck. Your next task is to get the mattresses ready as well. You should vacuum them first. That way you’ll be sure the dust is gone which is, in fact, a weight off your mind. It’s also a possibility to leave it outside for a day or two, provided you have booked relocation in advance, to soak up some sun. It’s a great way to refresh it, and your kids will be looking forward to sleeping on a pillow-like mattress.

As you prepare for the move, considering the comfort of your family is paramount, especially when it comes to their mattresses. Memory Foam Mattresses In Raleigh, NC provide unparalleled comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep. With their innovative design and superior quality, these mattresses offer the perfect blend of comfort and durability, ensuring that your children will eagerly anticipate sinking into their pillow-like beds at the end of each day, no matter where your relocation takes you.

picture of a white mattress
After taking it out of the bed, make sure your mattress is clean, dust-free, and ready to be transported to your new home

Having done that, consider what packing materials you should use to wrap the bed. Given their size and purpose, you need a light material providing a high level of protection during the transport. With this in mind, nylon is your best bet. Moving blankets should work, too.

Hire a professional moving company to help you with transportation

As we’ve previously mentioned, items can be damaged pretty easily if not handled and protected properly. We are not underestimating your abilities of transporting a bunk bed to your new location. However, you might be overestimating it. Things tend to seem a lot easier while you are planning them, but once the time comes – you might regret your decision. This is why we recommend hiring a professional moving company if you want to be sure your bunk bed will be safely transported. Bear in mind that professional movers always have your back. You are in a hurry and don’t think you’ll be able to find a moving company? No problem – same day movers Las Vegas will come to the rescue.

two men from a moving company sitting in a van preparing to relocate a bunk bed
If you want to safely transport your bunk bed – consider hiring professional movers

Not only will you be able to relax knowing that your bed is in good hands, but you’ll also save money. You are probably wondering how, since you will be paying for this service. Well, the answer is simple. The damage you might do to your bunk bed while transporting it by yourself will probably cost you a lot more than hiring interstate moving companies Las Vegas to do that for you.

Re-assembling it is

Yes, you’ve had a lot on your plate trying to relocate a bunk bed. However, you’re not done yet. What you need to do now is to do everything once again, but in a different way. First, wait until the frames are unloaded. Then, do the heavy lifting and transport it to the kids’ room. Re-assemble it on the spot. To do so, jog your memory on where to put screws, in what order and which one fits perfectly. Make sure the construction is secure by testing it. If it can support your weight, that’s a way to go! Bring the mattresses and sheets back. The icing on the cake is a teddy bear on your daughter’s bed or a Peppa Pig pillowcase for your son. Plumping them up just right, they transform the bed into a cozy haven where dreams take flight. As you arrange the pillows, memories of hotel stays might sneak in, with their fluffy, inviting pillows that promise restful nights and peaceful slumber. The addition of hotel pillows, plump and inviting, elevates the bedtime experience, inviting the children to sink into a world of dreams and imagination. Each pillow, whether adorned with cartoon characters or soft textures, becomes a companion for the night, offering solace and comfort. As the children settle in, the softness of the pillows embraces them, wrapping them in a cocoon of warmth and security, paving the way for sweet dreams to unfold. Sweet dreams!


To sum up, to relocate a bunk bed is no picnic. It requires to put into a lot of effort. In other words, you need to be entirely devoted to it. Since that’ s the case, start planning how to do it. To begin with, read DIY manuals on moving. Next, obtain ample packing supplies. Do not forget to compare and contrast the moving companies’ estimates and reviews. Ask for help, if necessary. Likewise, use a moving calculator to do the math. Last but not least, no matter how insane it may sound, try enjoying it as much as you can. You’ll realize eventually small things are anything but small.

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