How to protect antique wooden items

Packing before moving is a very complex process that requires a lot of preparation. When it comes to wooden furniture and antiques, you may need help from moving companies from Las Vegas. You will also need some additional instructions to protect antique wooden items. Learn how to achieve that in this guide.

Finding a reliable moving company

Moving wooden furniture is not an easy process. Think about hiring a professional moving company to help you with it.

antique wooden items
Antiques require special protection

There are many moving companies on the market. But not all of them have experience in moving antique wooden items. We advise you contact furniture movers Las Vegas. In the first call, mention that some of your items need special care. They should have special packing materials. Also, they should be careful with loading and unloading those items on the truck.

What should you start with to protect antique wooden items

Prepare all supplies you need so that you have everything at hand before you start. A professional moving company should provide you with the right equipment. You will need some useful tips on what to start with when packing wooden furniture.  The first thing you need to ensure is the protection of your precious items.

wooden chairs and sofa
Wooden furniture is very sensitive and can be easily damaged

Get enough of the packing paper and air-filled plastic wrap. Then ensure you have boxes, corner protectors, and packing tape. Glassine and moving blankets are also useful.

Make an inventory list and check the insurance policy

If you have more than a couple of valuable antiques, you should make an inventory list. This way you will note the condition and value of your items before moving. You need to know what kind of additional packing resources the moving company uses to protect antique wooden items. By checking these points, you will define who will bear the potential damage consequences. Read again your insurance policy. You will have a clear insight into the replacement or refunding policy in case of any damage.

Cleaning before packing

Now you are moving into the final preparation stage of your wooden furniture for moving. It is simply not enough to have a cloth and water. You will need a special type of preparation to protect antique wooden items. Carefully clean each one of them using appropriate cleansers. You wish your items to arrive refreshed and clean into your new home.

Packing antique wooden furniture

The moment of loading your items on the truck is about to begin. Some items such as mirrors and paintings should be wrapped up into special paper and boxes. Dismantle all the legs from chairs and tables. To create a soft cushion around each item use air-filled plastic wrap. When putting items into boxes, use moving blankets to separate them. Finally, put packing tape around.

When moving, always make sure to protect antique wooden items. Opt for a professional moving company to ensure your pieces are protected if something goes wrong.

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