How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Relocation

If you ever had the pleasure to move, then you know just how exhausting the packing process is. Sometimes, it might seem like you need to deal with so many things. From securing your items to getting the proper packing materials to dealing with long distance moving companies Las Vegas – the list just goes on and on. And when you have a special item – like a vehicle – then the fun can really start. However, if you are moving your motorbike, then you should not worry! Today, we look over the most important things you need to know in order to prepare your motorcycle for relocation. Keep reading to find out what it is that you need to know to ensure your bike arrives at your home safe and sound!

It’s All About Having the Right Moving Company

One of the main thing that you cannot go without is a moving company. You might try to prepare your motorcycle for relocation all on your own, but this process can often take a while. Reliable movers Las Vegas, on the other hand, have a lot of experience in dealing with this. They know exactly what to do, and they can give you a lot of helpful hints and tips – as well as moving advice pertaining to securing your bike.

What’s more, if your movers are really good, they can help you set up a moving plan. If you never moved before, this can be a beneficial factor to your move. If you have moved, then you already know just how important having a plan is. With a plan, you will never forget any step of your move. Even better, you will be able to prepare for the next chore while doing the first one. Finally, you can delegate work to your family, friends and your moving company. This way, you can focus on one moving task, while other people focus on other tasks. The result is a stressless, seamless moving experience!

Think About How Much you Will Spend to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Relocation

The next thing you need to worry about is the moving budget. Of course, you cannot really move if you don’t have the money for it prepared. And let’s be honest, moving is never a cheap business. However, by preparing for the move in advance, you will be able to cut some costs when you want to prepare your motorcycle for relocation.

Figure out the way to balance out your budget.

One of the first things you will want to do after meeting with your movers is to calculate moving costs. You will want to know exactly how much will each step of the move cost. This way, you can know how much money you get to spend on your bike. The more money does not necessarily mean your motorcycle will get better protection, but you might be able to invest in better packing equipment. This is why figuring out just how much you can spend is so important.

The Steps You Need to Take to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Relocation

So, now that you know who is moving your bike, and how much you can spend to move it, let’s talk about what it is that you can do to ensure the move goes smoothly. These are the steps you should follow:

  • think about your bike;
  • start to prepare your motorcycle for relocation by cleaning it;
  • check for any mechanical issues;
  • take a lot of photos;
  • figure out your paperwork. (keys

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Relocation by Caring For It

To start the process, first, think about your bike. Figure out what type of bike it is and do some research on it. There are different types of motorcycles, so there are different methods to transport them. Transporting a moped is not the same as transporting a cruiser – and you need to prepare your motorcycle for relocation based on that fact.

A motorcycle
Make sure your bike is clean and ready for the move.

Then, you should also thoroughly clean your bike. This might seem like a counter-intuitive thing to do. Moving is, after all, a dirty business. You usually wear older clothes because of all the dust, grease and dirt. However, it’s very important to clean your motorcycle. This way, you can search for various imperfections on it. What’s more, the movers will not want to work with bikes that have personal items on them, so this is the right time to remove these. You will also be thankful to yourself when your bike is spotless after the move.

Check For Any Issues the Bike Might Have

The next step is to check up on your bike. You already did the superficial part when you did the cleaning, but you should also check the mechanisms, too. Make sure the fluids and brakes are working correctly. If there is any, then the movers need to know about it. Otherwise, you will not be able to get insurance. Then, fill up the gas up to a quarter of the engine. You never know if you will need it during a move – even if it is a local move.

A bike shop is an important step when you want to prepare your motorcycle for relocation.
Get your motorcycle to a bike shop.

Also, take a lot of photos of your bike. After all the checkups, it will be easy to see if something happened to your bike after the move. And with photos, you will have a clear proof for the insurance companies.

Deal With the Paperwork

The final step when you want to prepare your motorcycle for relocation is dealing with the paperwork. Gather up all the records you have on your bike, date them and hand the copies over to the moving company. They will need to have them so they can transport your bike to your new home. Then, get a copy of the key and give that to the mover as well – and your bike is ready for the move!

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