How to prepare for an international move with pets

Relocating to another place is a thing many people are afraid of. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work in order to be successful! It is even harder if you have an upcoming international move. Things are much more complicated. However, there is another thing that can complicate everything, pets. Moving with pets is hard on its own, no matter whether you are relocating to Las Vegas, NYC or you are moving abroad. International relocation with your pets is a very hard thing to pull off. It is the reason why we want to give you enough information so that you could prepare for an international move with pets!

Here are the most important things you have to do in order to prepare for an international move with pets

  • Consider the timing
  • Go to a vet
  • Research pet import laws

Consider the timing

Timing is crucial when having an international move with pets. It is all because this can be a long process, sometimes between 6 months to a year. That means that you can’t just call reliable movers, like Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, to help you out with packing your stuff. You will have to make a schedule that can somewhat change, depending on how fast the process is going. All in all, the crucial thing is to leave yourself with enough time to plan everything properly.

Go to a vet

In order for your pet to be able to travel, you need to go to a veterinarian and have it checked. This may require it to get some vaccines or some medicine in order for it to be able to travel. But, this is out of your hands. The crucial thing is to get your pet to a vet and finish everything that you have with him. The good thing is that this is not common just for international moving. You would have to do it even if you are having a regular interstate move with out of state movers Las Vegas. So, do not forget this step because you may have a lot of complications later!

a vet is necessary to prepare for an international move with pets
Veterinarian is crucial if you want to move internationally

Research pet import laws

No matter which country you are moving to, you have to do your research. This is a necessary part of preparing for relocation with your pets. It is all because not all countries have the same regulations and laws regarding importing pets. If you do not do your research, you may face serious consequences.

law book on the table
Invest time in learning about the import laws for pets

Make sure your pet adapts to the new place

It is not easy to move for people. Just imagine what it looks like for your pet. You need to help your pet adapt to the new place. It may seem like an easy task,  but it is not. It will require time so make sure you are patient enough, for the sake of your pet.

Preparation for international relocation with pets can be easier if you know what to do

You now have the necessary information about how to prepare for an international move with pets. Most of these things are regarding your pet but there are many things that you have to handle too. International move costs can vary and you have to make sure that nothing stops you once you have made the decision to move. Be as responsible as you can and you will enjoy yourself in a new county pretty soon!

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