How to pack your gardening tools

Gardening tools are some of the most difficult items to pack. Their shape is usually very odd, they’re large, heavy, and often sharp. On top of all that, every proper gardener has a great number of them, for gardening is a serious business. Also, for most of the year, those tools are stored unless it’s a gardening season. Packing and storing them is familiar territory for any experienced gardener. Still, packing gardening tools for the move is fairly different than merely storing them in our garage for the next season. Depending on the size of our gardening tools arsenal, seeking professional assistance may be a good idea. In that regard, one should get in touch with some reputable moving company north Las Vegas based. If not to hire them for the job, then at least for advice on how to pack your gardening tools the right way.

Preparation is the key

Just as with any other kind of packing and moving, the key is in preparation. Obviously, the first thing to do is to get all the necessary packing supplies. But even before that, you need to ask yourself what packing materials should you use? Considering the unique nature of the items in your garden tool shed, you need to make sure that you have all the proper packing materials before you start packing. Here’s a brief list of those materials:

  • Finding enough boxes of all the different shapes and sizes is the first step if you want to pack your gardening tools.
  • After the boxes are taken care of, it’s time for bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is absolutely the best tool for protecting items such as gardening tools. If some are extra spaces pop up during the packing, use paper for filling them in.
  • In case some of your gardening tools are particularly large, consider using moving blankets.
  • In the end, after wrapping and packing gardening tools in the boxes, you’ll need the packing tape to secure them.
A box
Find enough boxes in different shapes and sizes to pack your gardening tools

Of course, it makes all the difference whether you’re packing your gardening tools for storage or the actual move. If the former is the case, you don’t need to think only about packing, but about finding the right storage unit as well. As for the packing, you can afford to be a bit less neat if only moving gardening tools to storage. After all, you want them to be relatively close to you and easily approachable. That said, it’s likely that you don’t want them buried under layers and layers of bubble wrap.

The cost of packing your gardening tools

Even though packing gardening usually tools requires some less ordinary packing supplies, it shouldn’t be all that costly. Still, to make sure, scour the internet for the Las Vegas movers prices and see for yourself. Despite all of the glam that comes with Las Vegas, the cost of living there is relatively low. All the regular living costs are hovering just above the national average for the US. The same pretty much goes for the packing and moving costs.

Packing gardening tools according to their size

Needless to say, smaller gardening tools should be packed into small moving boxes, and vice versa. Smaller boxes aren’t suitable for smaller tools only because of the proportion, it is also a matter of lifting and carrying. Sure, you can fill a large box with smaller tools, but the problem is that it would probably be too heavy to lift if you fill it to the brim. Using smaller boxes is the best way to ensure that the boxes would not break nor be too heavy to lift.

Small gardening tools
Smaller gardening tools should be packed into small moving boxes

As for the larger gardening tools with sharp parts such as rakes, shovels, or brooms, the best way to pack them is to bundle them together using rope or tape. After that, they should be wrapped with several layers of bubble wrap. Finally, you should wrap them with a moving blanket, as the final barrier for protection.

Potentially hazardous gardening tools and how to handle them

Every tool that needs some source of energy to work properly is potentially hazardous to pack and move. For example, lawnmowers and any other fuel-powered tools must be emptied out of all liquids before packing and moving. Secondly, when you pack the spark plug, for example, you need to wrap them with lots of cardboard. You also need to secure it to the moving truck to prevent breakage and damage to other items. Therefore, it’s the smartest to do such a thing on a moving day. Furthermore, if you want to move your grill together with your gardening tools, you need to dispose it of any charcoal. After that, it would be smart to hose it down to get rid of any grease or soot as well. Obviously, there are little adjustments to be made as it pertains to every particular tool in order to pack and move them all together safely.

A shovel
Larger gardening tools with sharp parts such as rakes, shovels, or brooms should be bundled together using rope or tape

What to do after you finally unpack your gardening tools?

In case you were packing your gardening tools for the move, you were obviously looking to get to a better place and unpack them as soon as possible. Presuming that you have gotten there and unpacked your gardening tools already, there is gardening galore ahead! Our suggestion is that you should start a flower garden immediately.

Doing so requires planting your garden, as the first step. That is also quite probably the most intense part of the whole process. However, a flower garden is still going to require a lot of care as it grows. And that’s where your gardening tools come into play. You didn’t pack your gardening tools and take them with you for nothing! Maintaining your flower garden will require each of your gardening tools, but in different stages of its growth. That said, you shouldn’t worry, as all that effort and hard work will pay off leaps and bounds when the flowers finally start growing.

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