How to pack paperwork before moving

Do you want to know how to properly pack your paperwork before moving? Relocating your business to a new town is a huge responsibility in itself. Not only that you need to prepare and pack business paperwork, but you need to pack all of your family paperwork as well. The idea of going through cabinets upon cabinets of paperwork and packing it is daunting, to say the least. Luckily, if you choose to hire moving companies in Nevada, you won’t have to do the latter alone. They can pack it for you and unload all the documents at your new office space. And in the next few paragraphs, we have some tips for going through them and storing them correctly.

Paperwork packed and stacked on the table
Have your employees pack paperwork too.

Decluttering your paperwork

The first step is to take the time to go through your files and documents and weed out what you no longer need. Think of it as a nice relieving spring cleaning session. First, get a paper shredder and scanner. You should start with all of your ongoing or open files/projects. Shred all unnecessary and duplicate items. Then, scan the keeper documents. As you go organize your scanned files. Put each set of documents in its own folder that’s clearly titled so it’s easily identifiable. Each of your employees should follow this process until you’ve gone through all the documents. Save documents onto an external hard drive as well and put them on the cloud. If you need to relocate quickly, please read this article on how to keep your sanity when moving in a hurry, it will come in handy. And good luck, you’ll need it. Don’t forget to recycle all of that shredded paper.

Personal Records

You will also have to bring your personal records. We all know this, but those basic things are most commonly being forgotten or lost. So it is nice to have a checklist when you start to pack paperwork.

  • School Record
  • Medical Records
  • Financial Records
  • Bill Statements and Receipts

In case you forget some of your records, you can file a request for personal records on the official website of the United States government. They probably won’t be able to provide you with all of your records, but something is better than nothing.

How to pack paperwork

First, you need to buy file folders, boxes. Then sort your paperwork into separate folders and boxes and label them. You will also need proper packing boxes. Choose the right type of moving boxes to ensure that your files will be protected and safe during the move. Make sure your boxes are sturdy and undamaged. Many people have regretted using their old boxes. Read why you shouldn’t use used boxes to save yourself from the catastrophe.

Boxes in the corner
Choosing higher quality packing material is important.

What not to do

Paperwork is very fragile. Some of your documents are probably decades old. If you are relocating to Las Vegas, make sure to find climate-controlled storage units. So that you can have them stored nicely for an extended period of time. Make sure your documentation is protected against extreme temperatures and mold. Pay close attention when choosing the right storage unit. Also, it might not be a bad idea to pack paperwork with plastic to seal them up.

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