How to pack a nursery for relocation

Moving might be a bit more complicated or difficult when you have kids. Things are then more time-sensitive, and you can’t just devote several days of your life to only packing and organizing. Small kids need almost all-day care and attention, so the relocation process will definitely be slower than usual. One thing is sure though. If you hire any of the reliable NV movers, the relocation itself will be easier for you. With having a child or children, you have one more extra room to think of and pack. And not only do you need to pack all the children stuff, but you also need to protect it. Clothes and furniture for kids cost usually the same as for adults, so you need to be careful. We will try and do our best here to recommend the most efficient ways to pack a nursery for relocation.

Clean everything thoroughly before you pack

Kids are more prone to allergies and infections. You really want to avoid all of this after you arrive at your new home and include your kids in the unpacking. So, after you declutter, clean all the things before you pack a nursery for relocation. From toys to sheets and rugs. It is much easier to clean all of this before you pack nursery for the move than after. After you have everything cleaned and disinfected, you can pack it securely so it does not attract any dust or mildew during transport. It does create more work before you leave, but you will be satisfied that you do not have to do it once you arrive at your new home. Coming into a new home means days and days of unpacking and organizing, that every extra thing can lead you over the edge. And you do not want that.

A person holding a detergent in spray for cleaning before packing a nursery for relocation
Clean all the things from the nursery so you do not have to do it once at a new home

Declutter before you pack a nursery for relocation

Your children will definitely have fewer things than you, but there will still be some redundant items. For example, you might still be keeping the clothes that no longer fit your kids. There are probably even some toys you have stuffed in boxes, that are no longer appropriate for the age of your children. Get rid of all the things you definitely need no more. Since baby clothes are fast overgrown and are usually in good shape, do not throw them away. See if you can either sell or give away all the extra clothes you have. The same would go for toys, or even some bottles or bedding you no longer need. Since there are a lot of poor families out there, try and donate all the extra stuff to a local Goodwill. This way you will help someone else and yourself at the same time.

Talk to your kids about moving

When moving with kids, it does not only imply packing and moving more things. It actually means more people going through the stress of the move. There are ways to cope with the moving stress, but what you need is to talk to your kids, unless they are babies. Kids can feel the change and will react to it, especially if they can see you being under a lot of stress. They will want to know why are you packing their toys and disassembling their bed. Depending on the age of your kids you should try different approaches. You need to learn to speak their language so they can understand what is happening. Kids need to feel safe and know that they are not being abandoned or anything like that. If they are old enough, engage them in the packing process, so they feel important.

A father and the son sitting on the dock and talking
Talk to your kids before the move in order to prepare them and avoid their tantrum

Tips on how to pack a nursery for relocation

When it comes to packing, you need to make a plan. The smartest thing to do is to pack first the non-essentials. These will include all the clothes that your kids will not be wearing for the next month or two, for starters. Then, you can pack all the toys and books that your kids do not play with that often. Keep only a few favorites around. Leave enough sheets until the moving date, everything above that can be packed. If you have some spare bottles, pacifiers, bibs, and such that you are sure you won’t be needing during the move, pack them. On the top of the pile, you can pack extra diapers just in case you need them, you can reach them more easily. This way you will be ready once one of your long distance moving companies Las Vegas arrives on the date of the relocation.

Baby socks on the drying string
Pack all the extra and unnecessary clothes first

Packing a nursery furniture

This comes last naturally. Some of the things such as strollers you can just fold as you would usually do. But cribs, beds, tables, and wardrobes should be disassembled. Unscrew all the parts and make sure to put all the screws into a ziplock bag. Tape them to each piece of furniture, so you know to which one they belong. The best way to preserve all the furniture pieces is to wrap them in either plastic wrap or something breathable. For sheets, pillows, and mattresses it is best to use the plastic wrap, which is water-proof, before placing it into a box. You can never know what weather the moving truck might encounter and how the water can find its way into the back of the truck. You should do all you can do to be on the safe side when it comes to packing a nursery for relocation.

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