How to pack a fine china collection for a move

If you are planning a relocation during which you want to relocate your fine china you will have to pay attention. To pack a fine china collection, like any other fragile item, you will have to ensure they are protected properly. This means applying enough protective materials and ensuring that the items do not get damaged while in transit. If you have little to no experience with packing, you can always seek help from professional moving companies, like packing and moving companies Las Vegas. This is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your fragile items if you do not know how to properly protect them. However, if you are the one who will be packing these items, we will help you do it step-by-step.

You need to find a soft surface to pack a fine china collection

When dealing with such fragile items, you will have to be careful and pay attention to details. This might take more of your time, but your items will have proper protection. For that reason, you should always aim to pack these items on a soft surface. Doing it on a soft surface will ensure that the items are as safe as possible during this process. Additionally, you want to make sure that the items inside have enough space between them. This is so they do not damage each other while inside the container.

a stack of towels on a wooden chairs as something one could use to pack a fine china collection
If you are unsure about the safety of your items, stack a couple of towels on the floor before starting to pack them

So, before moving companies Henderson, NV arrives to pick up your items, wrap and protect your collection properly. You can do this process on a soft rug or bed. If those two are not soft enough, you can place additional layers of clothes or towels to ensure that the surface is soft.

Obtain proper packing supplies

The one thing that will help your items preserve their state and condition is proper packing supplies. These supplies are usually used when moving. They help protect the items you are moving from potential damage and shock damage. Like one would use adequate materials to pack a wine collection, one should also strive to use proper materials for packing china. Because these items are usually something of higher sentimental than monetary value, their condition is very important. Some of the main packing supplies you will need for this process are:

  • Packing boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape and a pair of scissors

You can use either plastic or cardboard containers packing. However, it is important to note that plastic containers are tougher and harder, posing a higher threat for fine items. If you decide to use plastic containers, you will need additional protection.

Start wrapping each item individually

Unlike other items, fine china should be packed individually. This means that you should avoid stacking them and wrapping them together. Instead, wrap each item separately. For instance, wrap each plate in packing paper so the whole item is under protection. This will prevent damage from friction that might occur while in transit. Next, make sure you place a roll of packing paper inside drinkware after you wrap it.

a woman packing an item in wrapping paper
Packing paper, as well as bubble wrap, will provide adequate protection to each of your items separately

As you will probably stack one cup in another, this folded paper inside will prevent the items from breaking under pressure from one another. When you pack a fine china collection you should aim to protect each individual item as much as you can. If you require extra protection you can add a layer of bubble wrap around them. Especially because they will not be packed in separate boxes, but rather, together.

Pack a fine china collection by placing items in separate boxes

Obtain a couple of moving boxes first. These boxes should be in varying sizes to properly accommodate the items within. For instance, instead of packing both plates and drinkware together, you should do it separately. The sheer shape of these items implies that they will not safely coexist next to each other. Regardless if you applied enough packing papers to protect them. Instead, place plates and saucers together and drinkware like cups or glasses in different boxes. Of course, make sure to separate both glasses and cups in different boxes to ensure their safety. If you are unable to properly protect the items inside, use packing tape to tape the packing paper to the items. If you want to pack bowls, make sure you put them in a separate box as well.

Layer the boxes with cushioning materials

The final thing you will have to do is make sure that the items inside the box are safe while on the move. To do so, you will require soft protective materials or cushioning materials. Now, this material can be anything so you will not have to spend any money on it. Instead, use some soft items you have in your home.

a couple using a shirt to cushion the box for the items they will pack inside
You can use any soft material from your home as a cushion for your delicate items

For instance, you can place a sweater at the bottom of the box and start packing items. However, make sure to add a soft material in-between each layer of items you pack. This will ensure that the items do not cause severe damage to each other if the moving truck bumps or the moving boxes move. Usually, these soft materials are more than enough to add protection to items. However, you can never be too safe with these types of items.

Hire professionals to do it for you

Finally, if you think this is something you are unable to do – opt for a professional packing service. Not only will the moving company ensure your items are safe, but they can also obtain all the materials your items need. Additionally, if you have leftover packing supplies, they can help utilize them in the best manner possible. If you want to pack a fine china collection, but are unsure of how to do it, this is your best option. More importantly, by observing the work packers do, you can gain enough experience to do it on your own in the future.

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