How to organize an inexpensive same-day appliance move

Do you need to make an emergency move? If so, then you need an experienced moving company. This is especially important when you have to move the appliances on the same day. During the ordinary move, you will have more time to prepare. For example, to defrost your fridge. Or unplug your dishwasher, and microwave oven at least 24 hours prior to packing. With the same-day move, you will not have this advantage. Therefore, the best is to rely on professional moving assistance, such as movers in Las Vegas area. Besides, you can also make some quick preparations. That way you will organize an inexpensive same-day appliance move. 

To organize an inexpensive same-day appliance move, you have to be quick

This means that you have to act soon as you get the info. On the one hand, you will have to look for a company that offers this type of moving. On the other hand, you will have to make as many preparations as possible before their arrival. For the electrical devices, check if you still have the original packing. You will not be able to unplug them 24 hours before the move. But, unplugging them at least 2-3 hours before packing will help. For example, you can be unplugging:

  • toaster
  • mixer
  • blender
  • coffeemaker
  • clothes iron
  • ceiling fan
  • dehumidifier, etc.

They will cool enough fast, so you can pack them before the movers’ arrival. That way, you will already make savings on packing costs.  In case you don’t have original packing, you can use some materials that you already have in the home. For example, by using old shirts, and linen, you will save on packing supplies. And, your appliances will still be well protected. Besides, in case you are moving locally, you can transport the smaller appliances on your own. Or, you can simply let the whole work to low-cost movers Las Vegas. That way, your appliances will be skillfully moved at very affordable prices. And, you will have time to concentrate on other aspects of the move.

Black and gray blender photo - inexpensive same-day appliance move.
Some smaller appliances you can pack on your own.

Unplug and prepare the other appliances, as much as you can

In the case of moving bigger appliances, you will need the assistance of professional movers. But, let us see what you can do before the movers’ arrival. How can you speed up the process? And how can you make some inexpensive same-day appliance move contributions? However, before explaining how to handle appliances yourself, we have first to define them. Namely, there are several heavy appliances in your home. And, each of them will demand a different approach. So, those appliances are:

  • fridge
  • electric stove
  • washing machine
  • clothes dryer
  • dishwasher

After you unplug them, wait at least an hour. After that, you can make some preparation work. So, by the time when the appliance movers Las Vegas arrive, they can start immediately packing them. We don’t recommend that you do more than preparation work. Those items are heavy. And need more careful packing than many other things.  Besides, professional movers have the right packing materials. And even more importantly, they have the tools to move those items safely.

Preparing your fridge for same-day moving

With the same-day move, you will not have time to defrost your fridge properly. Actually, in case of moving locally, you even don’t need to defrost it. And, when we say locally, we mean about relocations taking up to six hours. The only thing you should do is to put inside the fridge some old linen. That will soak the water from the melting ice.

Empty fridge with a green apple in.
Empty and clean your fridge to prepare it for the same-day move.

But, as you are taking a relatively short trip, it will be enough. The important thing is that the water doesn’t leak out and cause damage to the moving truck. However, to be on the safe side, when loading, movers can add some additional protective materials under the fridge.

What can you do to make packing your fridge faster?

First, after unplugging the fridge, you should take out all food. After that, you should remove drawers and shelves, as they will be packed separately. The next step is to use the tape and secure the electrical cords. Once the movers come, they will wrap the fridge, securing it for safe transportation. they will also wrap it to prevent the door from opening unexpectedly and causing damage. Also, they will use the proper equipment to load your fridge onto the truck.

This proper equipment is very important, as the fridge must stay in the upright position all the time. Namely, this will ensure that the oil from compression doesn’t leak out. So, with your preliminary preparations, the packing and loading will go much faster. This also means that the entire move will be cheaper.

Inexpensive same-day electric stove move

In the same manner, you can prepare your electric stove for the move. After unplugging it, let it rest at least for one hour. After that, you can remove racks and surface grates. And, you can also pack them, using the old linen that you intended to get rid of. Don’t forget to secure the linen with packing tape. This way, you are saving on packing material. Also, movers will need less time to complete packing and moving.

Besides the mentioned, you may clean the stove exterior.  After that, secure the knobs and tape the oven door shut. So prepared, emergency movers Las Vegas will pack and move your electric stove very fast.

Prepare your washing machine and dryer for movers

To save up on time, prepare your washing machine. Like with other appliances, you have first to unplug it. Besides, you should disconnect the input/output hoses. Check the washing machine drum. If there is some moisture inside, dry it with some soft clothes. After that, wrap the drum shut. So prepared washing machine, the movers will protect by padded moving blankets, and load for transport.

Kitchen tile interior surface.
If they are too old, organizing an inexpensive same-day appliance move would not be worthwhile.

The same you can do with your dryer. First, turn the power off. After that, clean the exterior to remove possible moisture. After that, simply tape or wrap the door shut. So, the dryer will be ready for movers to load it onto the truck.

Preparing your dishwasher for same-day moving

Like with the rest of the appliances, unplug the machine and let it settle for one hour at least. After that, you can disconnect the input/output hoses. Also, check the interior of the dishwasher. In case you notice some moisture, remove it with a soft cloth. Take out the internal racks and pack them separately, before you tape the dishwasher door shut. Don’t forget to secure the hoses to the unit. So, when the movers come, your dishwasher will be ready for final packing and transport.

What should you do with old appliances?

Moving is an excellent time to decide whether to move or leave the old appliances. Well, in case they are still good, you can move them to your new home. In case they are well preserved, you can even upgrade them. However, if they are too old, organizing an inexpensive same-day appliance move would not be worthwhile. In that case, it is better to leave them behind. And to get the new appliances once you settle in your new place.

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