How to organize a move with a moving binder

A successful moving experience is directly tied to organizing the whole process. It will take additional time to complete, but you will have a good, organized layout at all times. This makes navigating the numerous moving tasks so much easier. A binder might seem like the last thing that could help you during a move, but it can help with documents. They will be needed during various points in the process, so why not have them organized before some reputable moving companies in Nevada come? In this guide, we will teach you how to organize a move with a moving binder.

What is a moving binder?

A binder is a sturdy case where you can store important documents in labeled sections. A normal binder becomes a moving binder once you fill it with:

  • Property related documents
  • Personal documents
  • Moving related documents like the contract you got from our local movers Las Vegas

This binder will keep your documents safe and in one place, handy for you to access them at all times.

Picture of a person holding a binder
If you are wondering how to organize a move with a moving binder – it is very simple

How to organize a move with a moving binder?

Organizing a move with a moving binder is quite easy, but you first need to put your documents together. We all know that getting new documents takes time, two weeks to one month on average, so deal with this well in advance. Once you have everything you need, separate them into the three categories we mentioned. These will be used at different stages of your move with some long distance moving companies Las Vegas, so separate them in order.

Property related documents

When you move from your old home, you will either need to sell or rent it. For both these processes, you will need property-related documents like the sale deed, extract, copy of the building plan, and RTC extract. Once your old home is settled, you will likely need to refer back to these documents before you rent or buy your new home.

Personal documents need to be accessible at all times

Documents like the ID, passport, social security card, and birth certificate are documents that you might need during different stages of your move with moving services Las Vegas. They should always be accessible, especially during a long distance move. You will be entering a state with different laws and regulations, where your documents might serve as a starting point for getting you the documents required in the new state.

Moving related documents

These documents are the ones that likely on one will ask you for, if everything goes the way it should. Moving-related documents include the moving estimate, bill of lading, inventory documentation, order of service, etc. These are provided to you by your mover. And you should keep them at least to the end of your move. You can refer to your moving contract for example, if you want to check the services that your required or the price that your movers expect you to pay. The situation where you will need them though is in the case of a problem with your movers. Since you will hopefully not have to use them, you can keep these documents at the end of your moving binder.

Picture of a person signing a contract after learning
You likely won’t use your moving documents during any stage of your move

Final thoughts on how to organize a move with a moving binder

As you can see, how to organize a move with a moving binder is not difficult. A moving binder serves as a file to keep all your important documents together during the move. People make most binders out of materials that are prone to getting moisture damage. So you might want to additionally protect your documents with plastic sleeves. Moving documents is just like moving valuables, a little effort goes a long way. Good luck!

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