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How to Move a King Size Bed and Mattress

Moving requires strength. Have you been going to the gym recently? It includes lots of heavy lifting. Are you ready to rise up to the challenge? How fit are you exactly? If you do exercise on a regular base, chances are you won’t troubles carrying out relocation with flying colors. Being in shape helps you greatly to carry moving boxes, furniture, and bed frames. Do you find stairs your worst enemy? Are you annoyed when you have to walk for more than a mile, or, God forbid, to run? In case you’re a couch potato, it’s for the best to leave the load to the professionals. It’s of paramount importance to be able to trust them with your possessions. Moving companies Las Vegas will help you move in a blink of the eye. Notwithstanding you’re clueless about how to move a king size bed and mattress, movers will be of assistance.

To move a king size bed is daunting
How to move a king size bed and mattress properly?

Get Tons of Packing Supplies

Not worrying about damaging your king size bed and mattress is a weight off your mind. So, what you need is ample packing supplies to protect it when relocating. What packing materials should you use? The best way to cushion your king size bed is to cover it with a moving blanket. They come in a wide array of sizes and thickness. It’s important to cover the entire bed so as to keep it scratch-free during the transport.

What are Suitable Packing Supplies for Mattress Relocation?

Mattress packing involves obtaining mattress bags. They will ensure your mattress is safeguarded. Additionally, they are resistant to

  • water
  • grim
  • dust
  • tear
  • dirt

In case you possess a pillow top mattress, don’t worry. Mattress bags have additional space that comes in handy in case of a pillow top mattress.

Make Use of Tie-Down Ratchet Straps or Poly Rope

To relocate your king size bed and mattress, you need to cover all the bases. Firstly, you need to remove the mattress from the bed frame. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to move them. When you do that, you need to protect them by using adequate packing supplies. The last step is to load them on a moving truck. It might be slightly tricky because you need to place them properly. Once it’s taken care of, your job is to attach the bed and the mattress to the vehicle.

That’s the moment when you should take advantage of either tie down ratchet straps or poly ropes. Both will do the trick. You need to have your items well tightened down just to be on the safe side. That way, you prevent them from sliding, tearing, losing or damaging some other way.

Consider Hiring the Pros

If you feel relocation a king size bed and mattress is having too much on your plate, hire pros. Long distance movers Las Vegas will do the task on your behalf. You might benefit from hiring a trustworthy moving company whose employees are skilled. In addition to this, they’re qualified and experienced thus excelling in their job.

One of the most important reasons to employ a moving company is to keep yourself safe and sound. Heavy lifting is the most common cause of severe moving injuries. Broken bones, foot fractures, back issues, digit injuries, you name it. If you’re not up for the ride, let the moving specialists take care of it for you.

It goes without saying you need to reward the movers for doing such a hard job so well. You might prepare them food and beverage to freshen up. Also, don’t forget to tip them.

Remove Everything Blocking Your Way

More often not people get severely hurt moving due to their own recklessness. They come up with a feasible plan. In addition to this, they obtain adequate packing supplies. What’s more, they use it properly. As a result, their items remain intact when being transported to the new address. But, they fail to watch their back.

BE on the lookout for children's toys to move a king size bed without getting injured
In order to move king size bed watch out for the toys scattered around

For example, one of the vital precaution measurements is to remove every single object blocking your way out while carrying a mattress. Or bed frame parts, for that matter. Consequently, you slip on it, lose balance, drop the load on your chest as you fell on your back. To keep yourself in one piece, you have to keep your home clean during the relocation. Make sure you’ve tidied up your hallways, stairs, and porch. Collect your kids’ toys, shoes, remote, and other items you may step on.

Disassemble the Bed Frame

How to disassemble furniture with ease? The easiest way to relocate your king size bed is to take it apart. However, this might be puzzling. To succeed, mark all the screws embedded in the bed frame. Odds are they are tiny, so you need to make sure all of them are accounted for later. Bag and tag them in suitable small bags or containers. Jewelry boxes will do the job. Moreover, their layout might be peculiar, so you should take a pic just in case. It will facilitate the reassembling immensely.

use a bubble wrap to move a king size bed properly
To move a king size bed use bubble wrap to pack the screws

As far as suitable packing materials are concerned, bubble wrap is your best bet. The thing is it’s soft enough to keep your screws safe when relocating. Another advantage of using it is you don’t need a lot of it. Consequently, you can wrap your glassware or fragile items in the remaining bubble wrap pile.


All in all, to move a king size bed and mattress is no picnic. You need to take several things into consideration such as the amount of packing supplies, ratchet straps and poly rope. Furthermore, you need to get down to disassembling the king size bed frame, which might be daunting owing to a plethora of tiny screws. Needless to say, hiring a trustworthy moving company is not a piece of cake. Lastly, what you need to do is to tide up the entire house so as to get the items out of your way when carrying heavy boxes to the truck. So, are you well equipped to handle this?

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