How to maximize the space in your new Henderson home

It must be exciting to move to Henderson. After all, it is the second-biggest city after Las Vegas in Nevada. You probably found a new place to live in. Now it is time to decorate it. When moving companies Henderson NV deliver your items, you should arrange your furniture wisely. For this reason, here is how you should maximize the space in your new Henderson home.  

a fireplace and a grey sofa
Make your new home pretty and functional

The first 6 ideas when you want to maximize the space in your new Henderson home 

Without further ado, let’s start the list. 

  • Open your hallway – your hallway should be functional. For this reason, place a bench, hooks, mirror, and shelving. Even movers from the best moving companies Las Vegas will have an easier time delivering your items. 
  • Have a functional kitchen – to maximize space in the kitchen, use vertical storage shelving, drawers, and storage containers for food.  
  • Bathroom space – again, use shelving and baskets for storing your toiletries. In addition to this, place a large mirror.  
  • Pay attention to the living room – use a coffee table that has drawers, ottomans to store small items, especially if you have kids, and a bookshelf.  
  • Kids’ rooms – hang up a bulletin board, install a bookshelf where your kids can keep their essentials.  
  • Your bedroom – you should have under bed storage and a functional closet with sliding doors. 

The next couple of ideas 

The list continues with the following ideas. 

  • Your office space – make your office space as functional as your real office. This means buying office supplies and organizers. 
  • Laundry room – again, install shelves, cabinets, etc. In addition to this, you can make a hanging area for your clothes. 
  • Small spaces – it is challenging to find additional space in your small apartment. For this reason, install shelves (again!) over doorways, in your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Then, you can use small baskets. 
  • Garage – the garage is usually a dumping ground in the house. However, do not let this happen in your new Henderson home by installing shelves. 
  • Outdoors – keep your garden and backyard clean and tidy. This means you should mow the lawn regularly, keep your flowerbeds weed-free, and keep your green nice, and green. 
maximize the space in your new Henderson home with a blue sofa
Choose a central piece for your living room

The last tips and tricks for maximizing the space in your new home 

Everything comes to an end, this list included. Here are the last tips for maximizing the space in your new Henderson home. 

  • Add mirrors – mirrors are lifesavers when you live in a small home. They make space look brighter and larger. For this reason, add a couple of mirrors in your new home.  
  • Avoid over decorating – do not add too much furniture, but rather, pick a couple of centerpieces and work around them. 
  • Clean your home – decluttering your home will do wonders for your home. 
  • Hide your clothes – use the space under your bed for this purpose. 
  • The importance of lighting – just like mirrors, lights also make rooms feel bigger and brighter. Therefore, invest in lamps. 

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