How to manage a same-day relocation?

When you are moving, you often need to know about it months in advance. You will want to plan every step in detail, and enable yourself the luxury to take a day off to rest and recover during the process. However, sometimes, you do not have this luxury. Things can happen and you might find out you will need to move out of your home as soon as possible – often within the day. What do you do in this situation? Do you start panicking and running around aimlessly? Even though you might be tempted to do so, resist the temptation. Your amazing same day movers Las Vegas are here to help you. Today, we take a look at how to manage a same-day relocation with the least stress possible. It’s a thing you can do, so let’s dive deep and see how.

Defeat the clutter first

One of the biggest enemies during any move – big and small – is letting clutter take hold of your life. As we go through our day to day activities, we might not even notice just how much clutter we collect. We grab little souvenirs, we keep piles of magazines around, all sorts of things that can easily and quickly clutter up any space. All this clutter is (mostly) useless – if it doesn’t have any sentimental value. It will just be in the way of you packing up other, more essential items. Therefore, the first order of business is to get rid of it.

However, this can sometimes be tough. Therefore, although this is a precursory suggestion, try to reduce as much clutter as you can in your life. Not only will it help you manage a same-day relocation, but your life too. For example, organize your closets and your attic and garage. This way, grabbing clothes or tools will be a piece of cake. What’s more, do a “spring cleaning” event every now and then. Purge anything you do not really need – don’t keep things “just in case” you might need them someday. This way, you will be prepared for the unexpected, and come on top unscathed.

a checklist
Bring some order into your move with a packing list.

If you are dealing with clutter, however, then make a packing list. Work with your professional movers Las Vegas about what their packing services include, and try to formulate a clear and concise game plan. Ensure you first write down all the essentials. Along with that, clearly mark things you do not want to take. For example, you might want to replace your old couch – so make sure you do not accidentally forget about that and take it with you.

Manage your time and ask for help during a same-day relocation

Time-management is one of the most important skills to have during a quick move. As a matter of fact, this applies to moving in general as well – but nowhere is it more clear than during a same-day relocation. You will want to be able to get as much work done in the shortest time possible. So sit down and make a quick schedule. Don’t worry about “wasting time” doing this – this is a time well-spent. A schedule is really important because you can prioritize the tough and essential tasks first. Once you tackle and finish them, everything else will seem like child’s play.

morning coffee and a list
The early bird catches the worm.

However, start the day as early as you can. You will want to make the most out of it – and you can sleep when you are done moving. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee and be on the move before the sun is up. You will also want to use reliable moving services – and you might want to call some friends, too. Having extra sets of hands during the move will be a necessary help. But watch out not to overcrowd your home, because this will impede everyone’s efficiency.

And just like you will want to tackle each task at a time, also tackle each room at one time. Organize your move so that you are moving through each of them instead of focusing on your home as a whole. Even within the room, you will want to compartmentalize. Separate the kitchen drawer for drawer, shelf for the shelf. this will help you keep the focus on what’s ahead, and move quickly through the move.

Declutter as you go

Make sure you are always decluttering – even while packing things. If you have not used an item in more than six months – toss it aside. Most likely it is not essential if you did not have need of it for that long. It is clutter now, and you can replace it after the move. What’s more, this will usually be a cheaper solution.

There are many other things you can do “on the fly.” For example, do not fold your clothes when packing them. This can take quite a long time to do. Instead, keep them on the hangers. You will wash your clothes after the move anyway, so it doesn’t matter if they wrinkle during the transport.

a bag
Use anything you have lying around to transport your items if you do not have the moving boxes on you.

Similarly, you will want to use whatever you have lying around the house. This is not the time to hunt for free moving boxes. You will want to use suitcases, duffle bags, laundry hampers, drawers – anything that can store items. Of course, if the moving company has boxes of their own, you can use them. They will help keep your items safe and help you manage a same-day relocation much easier, but if not, then get creative and think outside of the box. Also, always keep in mind that this day will pass – and tomorrow, you will be much stronger for it.

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