How to make your Spring Valley house feel like a home

You’ve moved to a new place called Spring Valley, but something doesn’t feel right. That’s why Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are here to help you. We’ve prepared for you tips on how to make your Spring Valley house feel like a home. So let’s not waste any time chit-chatting and let’s dive in!

Welcome to Spring Valley

This beautiful little town with 215,597 residents doesn’t feel like home, why? It’s located on the outskirts of Las Vegas, the city of Lights (or Sin). But you don’t have any need to go there because Spring Valley’s got everything that you need just here. Maybe some of your kitchen appliances broke during the move? That’s why you’ll need professional appliance movers in Las Vegas to help you out with this. But if it’s too late you can always order new on Amazon or eBay; or why don’t you go to Best Buy or any other local store or the shopping mall and buy there some things. If this makes you feel at home there are also Walmarts, Liquidation Center, and many other stores.

Now if you want to make your new house feel like a home you should maybe buy something from the local stores and markets. If you’re the kind of person that likes local markets you should visit some of the most famous ones like:

  • Aguila Market
  • Spring Valley Market
  • 99 Ranch Market
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Malincho Euro Market & Deli Las Vegas
Market full of fruits;
You should buy some fresh food to try and make your Spring Valley house feel like a home.

Since you’re near Las Vegas you’ve got a huge variety of things to see and buy. But if even filling your kitchen with products from local grocery stores, butcher shops, and markets doesn’t make your house feel like a home; you’re up for a challenge. According to movers Spring Valley NV, you’ve got to declutter again (and we’ll explain to you how you can do it) before you start redecorating.

Make your Spring Valley house feel like a home by redecorating

If you didn’t like your home or something feels like it’s not supposed to. You’ve got to try redecorating or at least decluttering for starters. You can try and consider hiring professional low cost movers Las Vegas to help you store or move your things somewhere while you redecorate. But before you start redecorating you must declutter and here’s how you should do it. Take a piece of paper or use an app to create a list of items that you should use. Divide (or make a table) this list into six more or fewer categories like store, keep, throw away, donate, repair, and recycle. There are other methods like the 20/20 rule where you’ll throw away cheap items that you’ve paid under $20 or maybe $30 depending on your preference. Also, categories like repair or store can be exchanged, added, or deleted it’s totally up to you.

If you need any furniture movers in Las Vegas we’ve got your back. Moving all of these things in and out without a professional can get some of them damaged or even destroyed. Think about all the things that you’ll have to repair or even buy, or where you’ll store them while you’re redecorating. If you want to DIY you can try and redecorate your new house by using photos of your previous home and try and recreate the place, so you’ll have the same feeling. Think about wall paint, carpets, hardwood floors, lights, windows, bathrooms, etc. These things are something that you can’t bring with you like a bed or a sofa which are easily transported. If you’ve tried this think about flowers, a garden, or something that you might’ve missed.

A man redecorating a home while trying to make your Spring Valley house feel like a home;
Redecorating can make your Spring Valley house feel like a home.

What else can you do?

If you don’t want to redecorate or it’s too upsetting for you here are some easier tips that can make your Spring Valley house feel like a home. The first thing that you can do is to clean the whole house everything, floors, walls (maybe you could repaint them if you haven’t done it already when you moved), all glass surfaces, the bathroom, and beds. You could also wash everything that you brought like sheets, clothes, pillows and cushion covers, blankets, etc. After that, you should iron it to make it perfectly smelly and use the softener that you’ve used in your previous home. You’ll be amazed at how much smells can help you feel that “old home vibe”. You can also use home fragrances, scented sticks, or whatever you’ve used to make your home smell even more like your old home.

If you’re a person that has kids or a big family, start adding photos with your family members and you’ll be amazed at how fast the “home feel” will come in.  While buying some vibrant drapes or contemporary-looking blinds may significantly alter the appearance of any space. Many homeowners do not always place high importance on adorning the windows of a new house. Most often when people buy new property, they don’t change drapes or curtains and you should do that. You’ll see how fast they’ll open space and how they’ll be inviting for positive energy, so go with something bright. These modest adjustments may significantly turn an empty, lifeless house into one that feels like your own. This is our final advice, and you should start to buy more plants or maybe even a pet to make your Spring Valley house feel like a home.

Man and woman carrying boxes;
Decluttering is a good way to make some more space.

Final thoughts on how to make your Spring Valley house feel like a home

That would be it for this article. We hope that you liked our tips on how to make your Spring Valley house feel like a home. You can try to redecorate your home or at least partially change it. You can fill it with your beloved things and pictures. We hope that you’ll have a nice stay in Spring Valley and a stress-free move.

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