How to make time for your relocation while still working?

If you ever moved before, you know that move is a time-consuming process. A certain amount of time simply needs to be dedicated to this arrangement. In ideal conditions, you should start planning your move two to three months ahead. Few days before the actual moving date are the most hectic ones. Those are usually days you would spend on endless packing and running last-minute errands. At this point, you have already hired some of the residential moving companies Las Vegas has to offer. And this is the moment when you would usually take a few days off work, to take care of the move-related stuff. But what if for some reason you cannot take days off and you need to work while moving? We are here to advise on how to make time for your relocation while still working. It will not be ideal, but it is not impossible.

Pack an essential “work” bag

The same way you plan on packing the other essential bag to carry with you, you must have one for the work as well. Regardless of whether you work from the office or from home, you need to keep work-related items close by. People working from the office usually take their laptops home anyway. So grab a backpack and pack all the chargers, headphones, and notebooks and pens, in case you use them. Some color markers or sticky notes are also an option. This is just one of the ways to make time for your relocation while still working. If you are moving because of the new job opportunity, chances are that new employer will pay for the full service moving company Las Vegas, which will make things much easier. All you need to do is try and negotiate this, especially if you are a great asset to the company.

A girl with a grey backpack on her back
Make sure to pack an essential work bag for your laptop and chargers

Make time for your relocation while still working by emptying your fridge

This may sound ridiculous, but if you manage to avoid using the kitchen in the last two weeks before the move, it will give you some more time. It is not the healthiest approach but go try and empty the fridge and cupboards by eating all you have left. Once you do this, try and eat things that will not require using the stove or the fridge. You can buy frozen food that just needs microwaving. This way you will be able to defrost the fridge, clean the stove, and other kitchen appliances a lot sooner than you usually would. And in case you do not plan on moving the kitchen with you, you can use some free time during work to try and sell the kitchen items on Las Vegas Craigslist. This may not be an option if you have kids.

An empty freezer with only ice-cream will make time for your relocation while still working
Try and empty the fridge and defrost the freezer in advance, so you do not have to do it later on

Say “yes” to all the help offered

Whether you are a single person or a parent of two, you will need help. If you have family members or friends who live close by, they will surely offer to assist you. Especially if you have children. Even having someone take care of children while you pack is a huge help, let alone someone actually helping you pack. Since you will be busy with work during the day, it is great if you can have someone help you in the evening. Grandparents can babysit, while you and your partner pack the boxes. If your kids are big enough to help you pack, then the grandparents and other family members can just help by bringing packing materials or some food, so you do not have to cook. There are a lot of pros and cons of working in Vegas, but see if you can only use the pros.

Hire full-service movers in order to make time for relocation while still working

The ideal scenario would be for your company to pay for the full-service movers. But this can apply only in case you are moving because you have just accepted a new job, which is the reason for your move. If this is not the case, consider hiring full-service movers anyway. It will cost more, but it will help immensely, especially if you need to work throughout the whole relocation. What you need to do first is to make sure you have hired reliable movers. You can do this by asking for a recommendation from friends, or just look up the reviews online. The concept of the full-service move is for movers to do everything for you. From disassembling furniture, packing, loading, and trunking, to unloading, unpacking, and assembling furniture. If you can afford it, this is definitely a service you should treat your self with.

Three men in the office laughing
Hire full-service movers and stop worrying about everything

Make the most of your free time

The people who have to work while moving will have very limited time to prepare for the move. Each minute will count and will have to be used for a good purpose. It is not something to recommend, but if you can, try and use the breaks at work to finish some errands, at least some you can maybe do online. In case you are working remotely, you might be in a slightly better position. While at home, you will be able to make the most of your time. Even if you cannot spare any minute during working hours, you will at least not lose much time on the commute. As soon as your working hours are over, you’ll be able to crack on with packing, decluttering, or whatever phase you are currently at.

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