How to make a timeline for your relocation to Las Vegas?

There are many reasons why moving is stressful. You have to pack your entire household in a short time frame. In order to reduce your moving stress, you should make a timeline for your relocation to Las Vegas. This is also important to make since you are less likely to forget to do something related to your move, such as finding residential moving companies Las Vegas on time. Without further ado, here’s how to make one for your relocation. 

person writing on the white ipad
You can use your electronic planner to make a moving schedule

Make a timeline for your relocation to Las Vegas – from 8 to 6 weeks before the move 

Let’s start with eight weeks before your move. You should get a binder where you can put all your important documents. Then it is time to declutter your home. Decide what you want to keep, about your plan to sell or donate, and what your plan to throw away. If you’re downsizing, make sure to be a little bit more merciless in your decision-making. Then it is time to search for top moving companies Las Vegas. Now, seven weeks before the more. Here you should gather all the necessary packing supplies. If you plan to sell or donate your items, now it is time to organize a garage sale or list your belongings online. Lastly, you should notify schools, banks, providers, your work, and other important institutions about your move. 

From 5 to 3 weeks before the move 

When you have five weeks before you move, you need to confirm the date, time, and all the details of your location with your movers. Then, you should start packing your household. You should start with non-essentials. Make sure to properly wrap and seal the boxes. Lastly, four weeks before your move, you should notify your landlord so you can get your security deposit back. Now, when you only have three weeks left before your move, you should plan your meals and what to do with your food. Declutter your fridge, pantry, freezer, and all the kitchen cabinets. Then, you should make arrangements for your pets and plants. You can also change your address on the USPS website. Lastly, transfer your insurance and find the shipping company for your car. 

a dog and a cat cuddling
You should make arrangements for your pets so they will not get hurt on a moving day

2 weeks before the move until your move day 

Now on the last stage of your relocation. 

  • Two weeks before the move – now it is time to start packing everythingPrepare your essential box. In addition to this, you should either clean your home or hire a professional cleaning company. 
  • One week before the move – contact your movers, shipping company, storage facility, cleaning company, and others to confirm the time and date. 
  • One day before the move – check everything. See if you packed all your items. In addition to this, prepare all documents for the move. 
  • Moving day – help your movers if you want, prepare food and refreshmentsand make sure that your house is empty. 

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