How to know if Vegas is the place for you?

Las Vegas is the most famous city in Nevada and possibly in the USA. It’s a city where the party and gambling never stop. From a tourist perspective, it’s a perfect place to escape reality for a couple of days or weeks. Therefore, over a million tourists in a year pass through this city. It’s no wonder why the economy heavily depends on tourism. However, Las Vegas is not just about gambling or trying your luck, having a bachelorette party, and weddings with Elvis as an officiantThe main attractions, like casinos, are located on the street known as The Strip. Don’t let this deter you from moving to Las VegasThe city has over 2 million inhabitants and every year, more and more people come to live in Las Vegas. Here are just a few characteristics for you to see if Vegas is the place for you. 

The cost of living and job opportunities can help you decide if Vegas is the place for you 

When relocating to Las Vegas, the first thing you need to see is if Las Vegas is affordable or not. Nevada does not have income taxes so the cost of living is considerably less expensive than other major US cities. For this reason, renting is also less expensive than in other major cities. The average price for the house is around $ 300 000, and for a condo is around $ 170 000. One interesting aspect of Las Vegas homes is that they don’t have a basement. The reason behind this lay in the soil which is not ideal for digging. 

The good thing about Las Vegas is fairly affordable living. However, the less good thing is smaller salaries than in other major US cities. Like in everything, there are also pros and cons of working in Vegas. Even if the economy of the city largely depends on tourism, you can also find jobs in other filled. 

Vegas is the place for you since it has many apartments and buildings
It is much more affordable to rent than to buy a property in Las Vegas

The weather and school options in Las Vegas 

The weather in Las Vegas can be described as hot. The climate is a subtropical hot desert climate, which means extremely hot and long summers. Rain in the summer is a rare occurrence and only monsoon storms can offer a small reprieve from the summer heat. However, don’t worry, LV movers are experienced to work in these conditions. In the winter, the temperature is mild and cool during the day. Between the summer and winter, warm transitional seasons exist. 

Las Vegas has many top-performing high schools and elementary schools. You can find anything from public, private, charter to magnet schools. Also, Las Vegas offers a great option for colleges and universities. One of them located in the center of the city, the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The others, also great choices are the College of Southern Nevada and Nevada State College. 

girl watching TV
Las Vegas has great schools and universities

Entertainment and Las Vegas attractions 

As a top tourist city in the country, Las Vegas has many entertainment and attractions to offer. When you experience all the charms of the city, you will see that Vegas is the place for you. Some of the main attractions are:

  • The Smith Center for the Performing Arts 
  • Cirque Du Soleil 
  • Springs Preserve 
  • Discovery Children’s Museum 
  • NHL Hockey 
  • The Strip 

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