How to inspect and prepare furniture for a move

Moving is a task that consists of many little things that you have to do. Packing is usually the most boring task where you can make mistakes. Of course, packing regular things like clothes or something similar is not a problem. The problems can occur when moving furniture. If you want to be safe, you need to understand a couple of safety hacks. Yes, you need great furniture movers Las Vegas for the job but you need much more. There are some things that you have to do by yourself and here is what you have to know. Inspect and prepare furniture for the move with ease!

Inspect and prepare furniture without too much trouble

  • Know the size of your furniture
  • Decide what you want to keep
  • Disassemble your furniture

Know the size of your furniture

The size of your furniture is very important when moving. It can cause a lot of problems for you and therefore, you need to dedicate some time to this matter. Some people forget to do this and have problems when packing furniture. Before you start doing dealing with your furniture and large items, you have to measure everything. That includes your furniture but your hallways too. Everything has to fit because even the seemingly small items may cause a major headache when moving in.

measuring tape - inspect and prepare furniture
Make sure that your furniture can fit through your doors

Decide what you want to keep

When moving, you do not have to move everything that you own. Actually, it is not recommended that you move everything. You should declutter and reduce the number of things that you are going to move. All of this also applies on your furniture. You need to decide which furniture to keep and it will make your relocation a lot easier. Be sure to do this and then you will have the chance to prepare your furniture without having too many troubles.

Disassemble your furniture

When getting your furniture ready for the move, you need to decide whether you should disassemble the item. How to know whether you should do that? If your furniture can’t fit through the hallways at your home, you need to disassemble into smaller parts. It can be done by looking at the instructions in the manual. You usually get it when you buy the furniture so be sure to find it.

hand tools
Disassembling is sometimes the only solution

Pack your furniture properly

You need to pack your furniture well so that you could be sure that it will survive the transport. You need to use furniture padding when you move because it will protect your furniture from the outside. It will prevent any scratching and stains during transport. Also, it will protect the floors and walls of your home. If you avoid using it, you risk damage that could make your regret the decision.


Relocating furniture is not easy. There are many potential problems that can occur if you do not inspect and prepare furniture properly. It is vital for you to know how to do this because it will make everything better and easier. Of course, you will have the help of movers Nevada that will make sure that everything goes smoothly. With a bit of common sense and professional help, you should not have any problems with moving your furniture at all!

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