How to hire movers Las Vegas you can rely on

Relocation is a complex process that requires tremendous organization and planning skills, as well as a clear course of action. That is, if you want a successful outcome. With that in mind, finding assistance for such a venture is by all means something you should consider. While there are indeed plenty of professional Vegas moving companies, it is not just any door you want to knock on. Your safest bet is to hire movers Las Vegas that you can rely on. You need a team of professional, experienced, and attentive movers. So, without further ado, here’s how you ought to go about finding them.

Steps towards hiring reliable movers in Las Vegas

While word-of-mouth recommendations are not to be underestimated, they are not the only source of information you want to rely on. You should take them into account, but still, allocate some time and effort towards more in-depth research. This is especially important if you are moving long distances, or plan on having a commercial relocation. For these endeavors, you want to have a professional and experienced team by your side. This means that not just any team will do, but only the reliable long-distance and office movers Las Vegas. We suggest that you start with the following:

Do a background check

Your friend or coworker may have nothing but praises to share about the company they have had experience with. However, that is just one case out of many. So, our advice is to find those others and complement your knowledge. Sites like Yelp are a great starting point. While it can be hard to determine which stories are to be trusted, you can still write off companies that simply have too many bad reviews. Likewise, companies that have nothing but 5-star comments are probably not genuine with the reviews they are showing. Try to single out companies whose reviews are not biased on any side, and run them through the Better Business Bureau, and the American Moving and Storage Association. You can also check a service-specific consumer advocacy sites like Moving Scam.

A man giving a one star review
The honesty of reviews can be hard to see through. Don’t forget to check with the BBB and ASMA.

There are certain red flags you should always be aware of:

  • a company that does not have an address or phone number
  • movers that ask for a big deposit in advance
  • estimates that are too good to be true
  • history of complaints at the BBB and AMSA
  • no reference to vouch for their service
  • an unprofessional approach towards business and customer care
  • a lack of the bill of lading

See that the company is licensed and insured

When you want to hire movers Las Vegas you can rely on, you ought to ensure they are licensed with the state and have insurance that protects both themselves and you. You can check this on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website.

Two business men checking something on a mobile phone with a contract in front of them
License and insurance point towards a company you can put your trust in.

Sort through companies by getting their estimates

Moving estimates are a big deal in every relocation. After all, we all have a certain budget we can agree on allocating for this process. Now, depending on a company’s location, schedule, and their size, the rates they offer can drastically vary. With that said, your best bet would be to get several estimates, and thus ensure you strike the best deal. So, contact the companies that have passed all the previously stated filters, and ask for estimates. The ones that send their agents to your home or office to access the size and weight of your shipment should move to the top of your list. In addition, you should see that you get those estimates in writing (or via email). The reason behind it being that you cannot verify a verbally given estimate.

We need to point out a few important cues here:

  • be wary of the company that offers an estimate that is far below the ones that the others offer.
  • non-binding estimates can be a slippery slope. You are at risk of being presented with a price far above the one you were initially given. With that in mind, try to find a company that works with other types of fees.
  • just because the company offers the highest rates does not mean its service will match the price tag. That is why you should compare at least 3, but ideally 5 companies, and determine which one works best with your budget. All extremes in prices should be discarded (both the lowest and the highest estimates)

Hire movers in Las Vegas that provide the Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a legal agreement between the customer and the mover. It contains details that regard the number of goods, locations, start and end times, total cost, and the means of payment by the customer. Some will also go so far as to break down all these items into further points. For all intents and purposes, this serves as your receipt for the relocation. As such, it ought to be issued at the beginning of the move, or just after the truck is packed. Don’t trust nor hire a company that does not offer the bill of lading.

A man checking a document
You want to make sure that the bill of lading is in order.

Trust your judgment

Lastly, when you set out to hire movers Las Vegas you can rely on, it is by no means a bad idea to trust your gut. You can learn a lot about a company through its staff, and the way they conduct themselves. If you are greeted with a kind word, a patient voice, and true understanding, you will, naturally, be more inclined to work with the company. On the other hand, if an unpleasant person answers with short and uninformative sentences, you have every right to circumvent that company. After all, you want to work with people who are truly interested in providing you with quality service. Companies that look after their staff are also the ones that are likely going to look after you and your shipment. Do not be afraid to ask questions regarding your relocation, and find content only with the ones that truly know how to provide proper answers.

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