How to help your aging parent relocate

As we age, tasks such as packing and moving become more challenging. Moving can quickly become overwhelming since there are so many things to take into consideration. So, when our aging parent or parents decide it is time to relocate, we should do our best to support them and provide help along the way. We should help the parents plan for the move, pack up their things, and declutter. In order to have a stress-free move, you can hire Las Vegas moving help to assist you with the relocation. Read on for more tips on how to help your aging parent relocate.

Plan well ahead to help your elderly parent relocate

When we have a good moving plan, we can save a lot of time. Also, we can help reduce the stress of moving, both for us and for our parents. It can be challenging for aging people to move out of their family home and go to a completely new and strange place. So, get your parent involved in the planning and include them in the decision-making process. They should always have a say in these matters as it will give them a sense of control during the transitional period. A good moving plan should include everything that will need to be done before moving day. This means you should think about the packing and the logistics too. Or, you can hire some of the best household movers Las Vegas has to offer to help with the planning.

Make a moving plan to help your aging parent
Make a solid moving plan to help your aging parent relocate

Organize well when planning the relocation for your aging parent

Good organization is very important when you are planning a move. This is especially true if you want to help your aging parent relocate. If you are organized well, then you won’t have to stress about all the things you have to do. You can make a list of all the tasks that you will have to do together with the parents. Involve the parent in the planning process as much as possible. Remember, it is their home and their life, so respect their wishes. They may want to make all the decisions, so help them make the best ones. Or, they may leave everything up to you, in which case you will have more freedom. Still, think about them and what they would want when organizing the move.

There are many details to consider when we organize a relocation. We have to think about the packing, first of all. Here, we have to secure all the packing materials and we should make a packing plan. We can start packing up the least essential rooms and items first and move on to the more essential ones. When packing up your parents’ old furniture, try to protect it as much as you can, especially if you are moving it to storage. Also, your parents may want to take some pieces with them to their new home. In that case, you can choose from the many furniture movers LV has to offer.

Do some downsizing and decluttering before the move to help your aging parent relocate

As we all know, things tend to accumulate over time. And, moving to a new home is a good opportunity to get rid of some extra things. However, always check with your parent before getting rid of anything. You may not know it, but you could be throwing away an item of great sentimental value. If your parent wants to have a say in what stays and what goes, then make sure to honor their wish. Check with them for every single item before you get rid of it. On the other hand, not all people want to be a part of the decluttering process. In that case, feel free to get rid of things as you see fit, but do ask about some items that seem like they might be important or valuable.

Man buried under cardboard boxes
Do some downsizing to avoid moving clutter to the new home

Plan the relocation around the aging parent’s needs

Some elderly people cannot handle a long trip without taking a few short breaks, so plan for breaks during the trip. You should include frequent breaks during the relocation process to allow your parent to get out of the vehicle and stretch their legs. Also, they may have special medical needs, and we should also take that into account. In addition, try to organize the moving schedule around the aging person’s needs. Make detailed plans for pick-up and delivery with the senior movers of your choice. You should also consider the parent’s mobility. If you are moving long-distance, flying may be the best option for them.

Make an unpacking plan for the aging parent’s new home

Once you and your parent have reached your destination, you will need to help them unpack and settle into their new home. They will need some time to get used to everything, so make sure you are there for them. Help them unpack all the boxes and organize their new home as they prefer. Let them make the decisions and just be there to provide assistance. Here, you should start with the most essential items and rooms. Unpack their bedroom and toiletries first, and get some of the most essential kitchen items out of boxes. Try to make the new house feel like home as much as you can. Unpack some sentimental items too and display them around the house. this will also help them feel more at home.

Make an unpacking plan to help your aging parent relocate
Help your aging parent unpack and settle into the new home

As we have seen, there are many different ways for you to help your aging parent relocate. You should always keep in mind their wishes and needs while they are in the process of relocating. Remember to honor their wishes when you declutter their old home and organize the new one. Hopefully, you will make your parent’s relocation experience as easy as it can be by following our tips.

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