How to help grandparents settle in Pahrump

Relocations tend to get the best of us, that’s for sure. All the stress, the fuzz, boxes, and packing, you all know the drill. But what if it’s not you who’s moving, but your grandparents? Will it be harder? Anyhow, they will probably need some assistance. Here are some ways you can help grandparents settle in Pahrump.

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If you want to help grandparents settle in Pahrump you should remember that emotional support can mean more than anything else

Help grandparents settle in Pahrump

Firstly, go and talk to them. Moving as a senior can come with certain difficulties. Aside from possible health issues and the fact that most seniors can’t deal with carrying heavy stuff, there’s something else. Moving can get quite emotional for everyone, especially for elders. This is even stronger if they have been living in the same place for ages. Try talking about their future home and help them visualize living there. Say a couple of comforting words as that can sometimes mean more than you think. Ask if they want you to be there when they are choosing the place. Check together what works best for them. Explain the advantages of hiring professional movers in Las Vegas NV and get to organizing.

Help them plan the move

When your grandparents find a suitable place to move into, talk about technical details with them. Help them book a professional team of senior movers to help, as they are well experienced in working with elders. Call your friends to help packing if you have time, or ask the company of your choice about their packing services. Try to be there for your grandparents as much as you can, or give them space if that’s what they want. They are probably already overwhelmed, so do not take it personally if they don’t want you there all the time. 

Declutter before packing

This is something that can be a little tricky. There’s probably a bunch of stuff that has sentimental value to your grandparents. Offer your help to go through everything before packing. Explain they can save money and time by purging beforehand. Donate or sell everything they don’t want anymore. Show your grandparents how can they sell unwanted stuff online, or suggest a good old yard sale.

Proper packing

You can also help your grandparents by making sure they have enough packing supplies. Suggest them to do research on how to find good packing supplies and remind them to estimate the number of boxes needed. If they aren’t feeling it, you can contact movers in Pahrump NV, and ask if they offer packing supplies. Tell your granny about the magical powers of bubble wrap so she can move all her china without worrying about damaging them. A key to a stress-free move is to start packing in advance.

help grandparents settle in Pahrump by showing them how to properly pack stuff in a box like this in the photo
Help your grandparents protect their valuable items by adding packing paper or bubble wrap

The day of the move

Ask if your parents want your help on the day of the move. If they do, invite some friends over to help with the boxes, or talk to the company of your choice about sending a bigger team, to spare the grandparents of doing the heavy lifting even if they can do it. Remind your grandparents to prepare a first-night kit bag with fresh sheets, medication if they are taking any, personal documents, etc. A great option for elders is to get same day movers Las Vegas, so the move doesn’t last long. They will get their stuff faster and the unpacking can start sooner. Suggest making lists of box contents to ease the unpacking process. Check did they arrange the moving of the utilities to avoid complications. 

After the move

Keep in touch with your grandparents to see how are they doing in the new place. Check the new neighborhood beforehand. See if there’s everything they will need. How far are the grocery stores, parks, is there a doctor’s office near, everything you come up with. Becoming a part of a nice community will help grandparents settle in Pahrump. Hopefully, they will fit in nicely and have new friends in no time. As they are probably retired, see if there are good places for entertainment and relaxation

two senior citizens talking
Assist your grandparents with online research on good moving companies

To summarize:

Moves are stressful for anyone, elders may experience even more difficulties. 

  • What you can do to help grandparents to settle in Pahrump is make sure they feel supported and heard
  • Offer help to organize and plan the move
  • Find together a reliable moving company that has experience with seniors
  • Get an early start so you avoid moving in the dark
  • Check the weather forecast and reschedule in case of very high or low temperatures, snow, or heavy rain
  • Explain the importance of decluttering before the move, for easier packing and transportation
  • Make sure they got enough quality boxes for packing, or ask movers for packing supplies
  • Remind them about moving utilities as you don’t want them to be moving in without power
  • Help them stay organized and make lists
  • Search for near grocery stores, doctors, and places for relaxation and entertainment
  • Place a sticky note reminder to take their meds and a first night bag just in case
  • Be there if they want you to be, it will mean a lot.

The conclusion

Probably the best thing you can do to help grandparents settle in Pahrump is to stay in touch in case they need anything. Life gets busy for sure, but try to make time for your family. The emotional aspect of the move gets bigger with years, especially if someone has been living at the same place for years, even decades. Your grandparents will probably need more emotional support than any other kind of support. Any advice you have can be of great help.

Nevertheless, if you have time, try to help with packing and carrying the boxes. When you are young and in full power, you can try moving by yourself, for elders the best option is professional moving services. Make sure they have found a reliable moving company, to avoid dealing with unwanted situations.

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