How to handle commercial and residential relocation at the same time

Every relocation is similar. Residential and commercial relocation are identical on the surface. However, other than moving items from point a to point b they have very little in common.  Many of the same basic concepts apply to commercial moves as they do to residential, but on a bigger scale. From a little office or storefront to a major corporate headquarters or factory, these moves might be anything. A commercial transfer is more complicated than a residential move since any delays will have an impact on business operations. Organizing any of the two types of moving can be an overwhelming job. What happens when you have to plan both? Read more to find out how to handle commercial and residential relocation at the same time and what kind of Las Vegas moving help is welcomed during the process.

Residential relocation

You’ve undoubtedly moved to a new place previously and you know how the process goes. Of course, you begin with a search for a home or an apartment. It’s time to start making plans to move your belongings to your new location once you’ve found it. Downsizing and getting rid of the items you don’t want need, or use is a good place to start. Moving to a new house is an excellent opportunity to clear some space and clean up your old one so you can start again.

A couple with moving boxes
There are tips that can help you handle commercial and residential relocation at the same time

Following that, you’ll begin packing your remaining belongings in preparation for the relocation. You may accomplish this step yourself by gathering boxes and moving materials, or you can pay a moving company to do it for you. Household movers Las Vegas will be happy to assist you in this process. It is very important to separate the two moving tasks in your head. So, a reliable moving company is one of the best ways to handle commercial and residential relocation at the same time.

What will residential movers do for you?

Movers will provide all of the necessary packing supplies, as well as pack and disassemble your furniture. Unpacking for you, on the other hand, will spare you from searching through boxes or walking over empty ones. They’ll even take all of the packing supplies with them when they go. In either case, the most important stage in a residential relocation is determining when and how you want to move and organizing schedules to get it done. Some of us have the luxury of preparing ahead of time, allowing ample time to do the essential tasks. Others may find relocating to be a last-minute or hurried affair, necessitating the hire of movers on short notice.

A man packing mugs
Commercial and residential movers can take care of everything for you

Commercial relocation requires greater planning

It’s crucial to prepare ahead when it comes to relocating a business. Not only will business owners want to choose a day and time that would have the least amount of impact on day-to-day operations, but they will also want to provide enough notice to staff about the planned transfer. You’ll require specialized equipment and a lot of staff, depending on the size and type of your company.

Hiring commercial movers Las Vegas is one of the possible solutions. They will need to carry:

  • big or bulky things,
  • forklifts,
  • toe jacks,
  • machinery,
  • furniture,
  • and heavy fixtures.

All these things require special expertise and knowledge to transfer, and a skilled business moving company will take care of them. To avoid disruption during the week, you must plan overnight or weekend moving, and most commercial moving companies do exactly that.

Plan and handle commercial and residential relocation

When you have time to plan both types of relocation, it seems much easier. The real problem occurs when you have to take care of commercial and residential relocation at the same time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be in two places at the same time. Handling commercial and residential relocation only requires a little more planning.

The first decision you have to make is whether to hire the same moving company. Our advice is to do so. This will help you spare some time on looking for the movers, and might get you a certain discount. Furniture movers Las Vegas can take care of your furniture at home and in your office.

Residential relocation might be handled before commercial relocation

When moving your business, movers usually have to do their job after your working hours. Not only is it vital to plan ahead of time for scheduling outside of work hours, but it’s also important to give your employees enough time to prepare themselves and their departments. Of course, the equipment and labor you’ll need will be determined by the type of your firm, but you’ll almost certainly want specialist assistance to transport some items.

A couple packing fragile items
Residential relocation can sometimes be handled sooner than the commercial relocation

This is the reason for which you may handle residential relocation slightly quicker than the commercial one. It’s quite simple to keep your most sensitive possessions near to you while relocating to a new house. Passports, money, tax documents, birth certificates, laptops, and other valuables you can pack into a box or bag that you carry with you. It’s not as simple as it seems when it comes to commercial relocation.

Commercial relocation requires data protection

Businesses must consider a lot more sensitive records and equipment. Filing cabinets and document rooms can be used to hold employee paperwork and financial information for protection. Even computerized items are housed on servers and hard drives, so you’ll need to move your equipment carefully as well. In the United States, there are data protection rules in place that compel organizations to keep sensitive data secure at all times. This is also important while you’re moving.


It may be difficult to handle commercial and residential relocation at the same time, but it is not impossible. The most important thing is to start planning on time and to hire a reliable moving company. The most appropriate and the easiest solution is to let movers take care of everything, from packing to relocating and unpacking your items. That way you know there will be no mistakes and your home and office will both be moved safely and efficiently.

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