How to find low cost movers?

Once you decide to move there are a lot of things you need to think about. Time can be your friend or the enemy here, depending on how much you have it. You will have so many obligations, that at one point you will feel like you want to jump out of your own skin. Other than being complex, relocation can also be very expensive. So when thinking about moving, you need to make sure to calculate the moving budget thoroughly. One of the things that can help is to find low cost movers. But not all low cost movers will be eligible for hire. There is a screening process you will need to go through in order to make a choice. What we recommend is looking for movers in Las Vegas area. This way you’ll be able to get a clearer picture of what the moving company is like.

An hourglass
Time can be your friend or the enemy during relocation

Try and find low cost movers on time

If you can afford this, time-wise, you need to start browsing for moving companies rather sooner than later. With residential moves, we recommend at least 2 or 3 months of looking ahead. The reason why time is the important factor here is that you will not have too much of it with your regular daily job. So each free moment you will need to devote to your research of reliable but affordable movers. Whether you are moving to or from Vegas, you should check out the low cost movers Las Vegas, there ought to be something among all of them. Although it does not seem so now, looking through a large number of companies online and reading through their services, costs, exceptions, etc, can be very exhausting. If you are not moving alone but with a partner, you can look for the movers together and cut the time needed in half.

Get good recommendations

As you know, rumors about good things spread fast. So in case you have friends or colleagues who moved recently, they will surely mention the company they hired if they were satisfied. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask for a recommendation, as sometimes that is the best way to find a good moving company. You should not be ashamed to say that you are looking to find low cost movers, due to your budget. People will understand this better than you think. And they might give you some good advice on how to handle any dispute with the movers. Take as many recommendations as you can, but from the people in whose reasoning you have faith. Not everyone can recommend something, as in order to do that, one has to have certain standards. Jot down a few names on the paper and crack on with making a contact with them.

A man recommending on how to find low cost movers
Good recommendations can go a long way

In order to find low cost movers, you need to ask for an in-home survey

This might be one of the most important things when choosing a moving company. After you collect recommendations, make contact with these movers. The majority of them will offer to provide a quote over the phone or mail. The ones who offer a non-chargeable home visit, are the ones to keep on the list. The purpose of this in-home survey is to get the exact estimation of the number of things you own and plan to move. Also, if you plan on having the movers pack your things, they need to estimate how much time and supplies they will need for it. In all honesty, this home visit is the only way for you to get the exact quote and avoid hidden or additional costs later on. This survey should not take long, maybe a couple of hours. Have more than one moving company to visit your home.

One man showing the chart to another man
After an in-home survey, you’ll get the exact quote for your move

Consider hiring some of the local movers

Very often small, local companies are the ones who can do the trick, and make this move happen for you. Local movers will almost certainly be cheaper than bigger, state ones. With enough notice given to them about the moving date, you might even be able to get a discount. With small moving companies there is always a chance of fraud, but there are ways to avoid this if you are wise. First of all, whichever company you decide to hire, it needs to have a working license issued by FMCSA. If they are not on the list of FMCSA approved companies, just move on, and start looking further. Local movers might have a more limited offer of services and can often be focused mainly on small, local moves, but if you fit into all of this, then go for it.

Ask the right questions if you want to find low cost movers

In order to ask the right questions, you need to know what you are looking for in movers. Other than the fact that they need to be cheap enough to fit your budget. Take time to read online reviews and advice from the previous customers. Take upon any constructive suggestion you get from your closest ones, who have more experience in moving than you. You always need to be extra careful when going through the moving paperwork, as there might be things there that you are not familiar with. Or something you have not encountered before. In order to avoid confusion and any attempt of fraud, you need to know where and what to look for. Asking the right questions will get you to the right answers, based on which you will be able to make up a plan for your move.

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