How to file a claim against a moving company

Moving is already stressful enough just with the looming dangers of everything going according to Murphy’s law.However, most of the time, things turn out just fine. Movers show up on time, no problem is made during the loading of the truck, and all the items are transported to your new home in the same state they were picked up. But what happens in that minority of cases, when something goes wrong? Furthermore, what if it is the moving company that you entrusted your possessions into that has done the wrong deed? Then you should file a claim against a moving company! Here is how.


Best way to avoid this scenario in the first place is through good prevention. There are some tell-tale signs that something is wrong. These red flags usually are:

trouble ahead signs
How to anticipate trouble ahead, and avoid the need for a claim in the first place?
  • Damming reviews. Always read the reviews, especially those on Yelp or other review sites rather than the companies website.
  • Unresponsiveness. Bad communication should be the first sign of trouble. If the communication isn’t clear, their answers shady and slow – just stop it right there. There are a lot of responsible moving companies out there, those like moving companies Henderson NV, no need to waste your time with this one. 
  • Blank contracts or shady licenses. This is the most damming of them all and a red flag that is hoisted quite high. Never try to do business with unlicensed moving companies, or any company that will put your piece of paper and says “sign here and we will fill out the details later”. Just save yourself the trouble and do not do it. Trying to file a claim against a moving company of this caliber is a lot harder as well. 

Reasons to File a Claim

So, you are moving to Nevada but you are afraid that your movers are not as reliable as many others are? Maybe something already happened and you want to file a claim? What would that even be? Well, the most popular reasons for legitimate claims are unprofessional staff (being late or careless or extremely rude), missing items and damaged items. You had the bad luck of having encountered one of these? Here is what you should do.

How to File a Claim Against a Moving Company

So what to do first? Well, if you wish and can, a more peaceful resolution to any dispute is to call the company. If they fail to respond appropriately, a damning review is a pretty good tool to fight this fraudulent business.

How do you go about this? There are several ways…

But should the moving company really do something truly reckless, damaging and illegal, search for your local DMV and file a claim there. Other than that, civil claims court is your highest option.

To sum it up

If you were wronged during the relocation, you should most definitely file a claim against a moving company. There are mechanisms to protect your rights! Don’t be afraid to use them.

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