How to create a minimalistic interior in your new home

Of all the ​​existing home decorating styles, it is sometimes very difficult to choose just one. You have to think carefully whether you are for a comfortable boho style, metal industrial style, or minimalist style of interior decoration. If you have decided to create a minimalistic interior design for yourself, you are already halfway to decorating your home. Now that you have made your decision, you need to figure out which way will best achieve this in your home. You may want to leave the decoration to experienced decorators or you may do it yourself. Hiring one of the moving companies in Las Vegas Nevada to help you with big things when moving can be a good idea. This leaves you more time to plan the decoration of your new home.

Boxes on kitchen wooden table
Get rid of items that would disrupt the minimalist look of your new home.

Decluttering is the first step when trying to create a minimalistic interior 

When you decided to decorate your new home in a minimalist style, you knew that you would have to give up some items you own. Minimalism means decorating a home without objects that do not have a functional purpose. That is why it is very important organizing decluttering before the move into the new house. When decorating your home, always keep in mind the most important rule – keep it simple.

Get rid of excess stuff

Once you’ve chosen what you want to keep and what you don’t, you need to figure out what to do with the unnecessary stuff. The main advice is to sell everything you can. Whether you organize a yard sale or sell it in some second-hand shops or antique shops is up to you. Choose what suits you best. Give the rest of the things that are not for sale to someone. And finally, everything that is damaged and unusable must be discarded.

Dear items that do not fit your minimalist criteria – store them safely

When you are going to create a minimalistic interior of your new home, you will come across precious things that will not fit. Whether it’s gifts from loved ones, travel memories, new things you just bought, or something completely different, you won’t want to throw them away. And don’t! Carefully and properly pack such things in boxes and store them in a safe place. Ask well how to pack delicate items. Styles change and when you want to get out of minimalism, you can use them again.

Reduce the amount of furniture to create a minimalist interior

Remove all furniture that is not necessary and whose style does not fit into your new direction of interior design. Choose a few key pieces of furniture that will play a central role in the room. Additional furniture will unnecessarily fill the room and disrupt the minimalist look of your space. You can save or sell the rest of the furniture somewhere depending on which suits you better.

A little wooden table beside a bed can help you create a minimalist interior of your room.
Adding wooden details will warm your space and make it cozier.

Consider hiring an interior decorator

When it comes to decorating a new home, it is not bad to hire a professional decorator. You can ask them to do an interior design plan, but also hire them just to give you advice on how to do it yourself. If you have decided that you want to do everything yourself, plan well. In the process of moving, it can be difficult to find time to explore the minimalistic way of decorating. So free up time for yourself. If you take advantage of opportunities offered by professionals movers, such as movers Henderson NV, you will have more time to plan the decoration. Leave the moving company to take care of your difficult things while you deal with the interior design of your new home.

The minimalistic arrangement does not mean cold

People often choose black and white as the only colors for minimalistic home decoration. That’s a big mistake! Minimalism does not mean that your home should look sterile and cold. The perfect minimalist decor can also be made of warm colors. It is important to choose one or two basic colors and plan further decorating on the basic ones. By using the right colors, your home can look warm and comfortable despite the minimalist decoration.

Make your home warm and cozy

With a minimalistic design, warmth and comfort are achieved by adding different textures, as well as some patterns. Always choose appropriate textures instead of color. Take care only that the textures fit, as well as not to overdo it with many different ones. Don’t be afraid to add wooden details. They make the home warmer, and they fit easily and nicely. These can be chair or table legs, a small coffee table, a chest of drawers next to the bed, whatever you like.

Modern apartment whit furniture and big window
Your favorite armchair in a bright color will not ruin your attempt to create a minimalistic interior in your new home.

Take care of the details when creating a minimalistic interior

Home interior decorations always involve the use of things that will serve to emphasize something. With a minimalistic design, it is important to keep it simple. That doesn’t mean decorating without accessorizing. Choose things that, in addition to the essential, also have a functional role.

  • wall mirrors
  • throw pillows
  • decorative bowls
  • scented candles
  • coffee table books
  • home plants

Limit the personal items you want to leave for decoration to one shelf. That way you will prevent yourself from overdoing it. Put on it everything you want, photos, some memories, decorations, and precious books. If you stick to just one shelf you can’t order the minimalist look of your room.

Don’t forget the personal touch when creating a minimalistic interior

In the end, we left the most important ones. Don’t forget to decorate your new home to enjoy it, not for an exhibition. So feel free to add some details that will give the space your personal touch. The purpose of decorating is to make you happy and if you are going to achieve that with your favorite yellow stool which is far from minimalism, keep it. Don’t bother at all costs to create a minimalistic interior of your new home. You will enjoy your new house only if you feel at home there.

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