How to combine two households into one in Las Vegas

Yeah, that day has come, you have to merge two places into one. This will be a bit risky when you think in terms of decor and terms of duality. Since you’ll be having two of everything, it’s like having a twin house. So we at LV movers decided to help you combine two households into one in Las Vegas. We as movers know that people don’t like to throw away things that remind them of better times. So let’s dive in and see how to handle this problem!

When we combine two households in Las Vegas we must plan and talk

First things first, you have to talk and make a plan or one of you two will have to leave the house. It’s as simple as that, so be ready for compromises and for acceptance that’s our friendly advice. Talking is crucial since we want to communicate our feelings, finances, belongings, etc. So it’s in your best interest to have an open discussion about all of this before you move in. It doesn’t matter if you’re newlywed or you want to move in for the first time, you have to talk.

Notebook with numbers written on it from 1 to 4;
The first tip is to talk with your partner about how you should combine two households into one so you could do it easily, after that you should make a plan.

Now when if you plan on moving to Las Vegas and combining two households into one, that will require some serious planning. Furthermore, if you’re newlywed you’ll have to do taxes together, change the last name, address, and maybe even jobs if they can’t be remote. So the first step as we always suggest is some basic things like documents, ID, passport, license plates, certificates that need to be changed, etc. You have to deal with these things before you even start living together. Once you’ve decided you’ll need a plan that we’ll break down in the rest of the next.

How to combine two households with different styles and in different space

Now when it comes to different styles this can be frustrating sometimes. Since we usually have different styles, men and women in general. There are those couples that get along around most things but even they probably have some differences. So let’s talk about styles for example he likes contemporary and she likes bohemian, isn’t that funny? You would naturally try to combine two different styles into one and it would probably look a bit tasteless. We don’t want to offend anyone but combining styles may be frustrating for both of you. The reason is not simply esthetics there is more than meets the eye, think about all of those different shapes. For example, monochromatic vs polychromatic color schemes or round vs triangle shapes. It just won’t work out without compromise.

Floor full of puzzles;
Combining two households into one is like playing puzzles. You should put all the pieces in the right place to get the right picture.

The second thing that we mentioned is space. Don’t even start thinking about planning, relocation, etc without measuring tape. Space always dictates everything that follows. Also, you could start from room to room, don’t focus on the whole place at once. Start slow and easy. If you have something specific like a hot tub, consider hiring hot tub movers Las Vegas to help you with this. This can be dangerous to move if you’re not experienced or if the space is hard to reach or tight.

Combine two households into one by decluttering and storing

Decluttering is one of the most important things that we must do when we move, this is also the perfect time to do it. So we’ve previously mentioned that once you agree on which style or a combination of styles you prefer now it’s time to get rid of the so-called “identical twins”. You’ll have a lot of duplicates maybe not identical but like 20 chairs, are you sure you’ll need that much? You’ll probably need 10 or even less or two king-size beds? Now, this all depends on your space and how you two got along. So if you plan on moving your bulky furniture we would recommend that you talk to reliable movers since this is more difficult to move. Here are a couple of things when decluttering:

  • If you start your decluttering early you can sell or donate things that you won’t need
  • You can take different boxes and label them as trash, donation, gifts, sales, storage, keeping, etc. ideas are endless
  • Make a checklist of all the things with your partner so you can easily spot “twins” and agree on what to do with them
Girl in the kitchen throwing away empty bottle while thinking how to combine two households into one in Las Vegas;
Decluttering isn’t an easy process but it is necessary. If you like some of your things you may keep them in your old house or you can put them in storage.

You can use storage units if you want to keep some extra things. You can have them with air conditioning or without, professionals say that those with AC are better since it minimizes the amount of moisture.

Combine two households into one in Las Vegas for a perfect home

At the end of the day we’re all aiming for perfection, aren’t we? We’ll truth is a bit different. Of course, we would like all our things to be there, but as we’ve talked decluttering, making compromises, and caring for our partner is why we’re here. Yes, it may be annoying at first but it’ll be okay after a while. Don’t be selfish and learn to share and trust. If you need any help with preparing your stuff or packing consider hiring professional packers so they can save you some time. These are our tips on how to combine two households into one in Las Vegas. We hope that you’ll have a great move!

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