How to choose a moving date in advance

When planning a move, most people usually focus on finding good moving supplies, Nevada movers, and the cost of everything. However, when you start planning your move, the first thing you should pick is your moving date. It’s not always up to you to choose a moving date. You might be forced by some other circumstances to pick a date which might not be your first choice. Moving because of a job or other specific reason that doesn’t leave you much flexibility could be determinant factors in picking your moving day. Additionally, you also must count on the season, weather, and the mover availability when you need to choose a moving date in advance. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind. 

Which factors can play a determinant role when it’s time to choose a moving date in advance?                   

Whatever you are moving to Nevada alone or with your family has a great impact on picking your moving date. If you have kids, you must take into consideration their school schedule, the time of school break, etc. On the other hand, if you are moving alone, you can decide much easier on your moving date. You only need to consider your schedule and desires.  

Another important factor would be either selling or renting your current home, and deciding between renting and buying your future home. In this case, you should think about people who are usually involved in selling and buying a property. These would be potential buyers and sellers, real estate agents, etc. However, when it’s all over, you will have a clearer picture of when your moving date should be. 

brick house
Selling or buying a house can affect your moving date

What’s the best period for your moving date? 

When it comes to choosing a date for your move, you should think about which seasons, time of month, weekend and even the part of a day you will choose. These factors have great importance for your budget and movers’ availability. Movers are usually very busy in summer because of school breaks and vacations. Additionally, the cost of movers is also higher than in other seasons. For this reason, to make a good decision for your moving date, you should choose between the following. 

  • Winter season 
  • From November to January 
  • Mid-month 
  • Early in the morning

Another essential factor is the size of your household and how much moving supplies you will need. If you are going to use your leftover packing supplies again, you can choose some moving date in close future. However, if you need to get all new moving supplies, then you will need a little more time. 

a calendar on the wall
Pick your moving month carefully

Your needs and requirements are important 

As you can see, many important factors can affect your decision to choose a moving date in advance. However, besides all of these factors, you are the one who will decide in the end. First, you should see when it’s the best time for you to move then you should consult movers about the available dates they have. The budget also plays a big role in this decision. Compare the cost of specific dates that you have in mind, and choose the one that is more agreeable to your budget. 

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