How to avoid injuries when moving furniture

Moving is not so simple as you might have thought. Aside from many documents and legal stuff you must take care of, you also have to pack. Many would argue that packing is the hardest part of moving. It certainly takes the longest time, strength, and dedication. However, it’s not the same packing books or sofa. Sure, both items could inflict pain, but while a book can only break your toenail, a sofa could break your toes or even foot. For this reason, you should hire North Las Vegas movers for your move if your budget allows it. The biggest priority during relocation is to avoid injuries when moving furniture. You can avoid injuries if you know how to move furniture safely and if you hire movers. However, if the second option is not for you, here are a few tips for avoiding moving injuries.  

Tips to staying safe when moving furniture  

Moving injuries are very common especially if you are not used to heavy lifting. Furniture is often very heavy, bulky, and requires a lot of strength. If you spend most of your days sitting, moving heavy furniture by yourself is not the best decision. For this reason, you should use relocation service Las Vegas at least for moving your furniture. You can pack and relocate the rest of your items if you can’t pay the full-service move.  

When moving furniture and other heavy and bulky items as well, you can get hurt easily. Even experienced furniture movers Las Vegas have at some point in their career suffered from moving injuries. However, the most common moving injuries you should be aware of are:

  • Strained Back  
  • Broken Fingers and Toes  
  • Cuts and Scrapes  
  • Knee Injuries  
person putting gauze on the knee
Knee injuries are very common when carrying heavy furniture

How to avoid back injuries?  

Many people think in order to avoid damaging floors when moving furniture, they should carry it across the home. This is true to some degree, but carrying a heavy sofa or bookshelf is not the way to go. For this reason, you should disassemble every piece of furniture if it’s possible. You can also use a dolly or have someone help you. Additionally, always first squat down to pick up heavy boxes or items. Don’t ever try picking up something heavy when bending down the waist.  And always remember to lift with your legs, not with your back.

Broken toes and fingers are the next most common moving injuries. For this reason, you should wear closed-toe shoes and never carry heavy furniture by yourself. Also, you should know the first aid for broken toes just in case.  

person doing yoga
Stretch your muscles before lifting and carrying heavy items

What is the best way for avoiding moving injuries?  

The best way to avoid injuries when moving furniture is to hire a moving company. This is the only way to stay safe during the relocation. However, if that is not possible, you should get help from friends or family. Cuts and scrapes will heal very soon, but broken fingers or toes will take much longer to heal. For this reason, it’s better to hire movers and you won’t have to worry about moving injuries. 

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