How to adapt to NYC lifestyle after living in Las Vegas

Moving can be a big life decision for most people. It takes a lot of planning and determination. However, moving also means that you get to meet new people, live in a better environment, and get new opportunities. Living in NYC is a dream of many. Some move there for work, better chances of getting a job, and many other reasons. Adapting to a new environment is never easy, especially if you are moving to a city as busy and loud as NYC. This doesn’t mean you won’t fit in, it just means that it takes time to get used to something completely new to you. Therefore, Nevada movers are here to give you some tips on how to adapt to NYC lifestyle after living in Las Vegas.

Forget about the stereotypes that say New York residents are rude and cold

New Yorkers have a poor reputation for their “New York attitude.” You’d think they were the ones who first came up with the chilly, general rule of “no smiling at strangers, no small talk on the street, and no greetings” which every big city like this one claims as their own. Oh sure, if you’ve ever been to London, this will all already seem really familiar. Since you’ve just moved to NYC with long distance moving companies Las Vegas, this may seem scary to you.

However, as time goes by, you’ll become more and more aware of the fact that it’s a stereotype that’s mainly unwarranted. People in NYC are, generally very friendly and pleasant, as long as you have the same attitude toward them. They’re just frequently busy or pressed for time. And if you do encounter someone that does fit the stereotypes, kill them with kindness, as a wise person once advised. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking that such an “attitude” exists. Or at least that is unique to New York City. The longer you have this idea in your head, the longer you’ll have trouble communicating with others. All you need to do is simply be yourself and the right people will come around.

two women talking outside about how to adapt to nyc lifestyle
Despite what the stereotypes say, NewYorkers are friendly and kind

Be prepared for the NYC weather

We often think of New York City as a bright, lively environment, possibly infused with glitzy images from the big screens. You should eliminate this concept from your head as soon as possible. Summers in New York City may be unbearably humid and hard to handle. This happens due to towering buildings’ obstruction of breezes, vehicle emissions, and air conditioning systems’ contribution to the oppressive heat. Since you are moving from Las Vegas to New York, this won’t be much of a problem to you as you are coming from a generally hotter place. However, we are just letting you know to not expect something much more pleasant. 

Compared to Las Vegas, winters in NYC are colder and with a lot more snow. For example, Las Vegas gets around 0.3 inches of snow per year, while NYC gets around 25.3 inches. This means that they can be just as brutal as summers and it may be rather surprising for visitors who have never experienced it. Due to the city’s proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean via the Upper and Lower Bay, it can get extremely cold. Strong winds that may pierce even the thickest jackets and lodge in your bones make this situation even worse. Therefore, it’s the best to get ready for that. Of course, this isn’t meant to scare you, it’s just important that you come prepared. Compared to Las Vegas, winters in NYC are colder and with a lot more snow. 

buildings in the city of new york as an example of how to adapt to nyc lifestyle
Winters are a lot colder i NYC than in Las Vegas, so be prepared

You want to know how to adapt to NYC lifestyle? Make sure to learn the slang

There are a few key terminologies you should learn before you hire movers Las Vegas. This especially applies to Manhattan. A lengthy trip is sometimes referred to as a “schlep,” especially if it is made on foot (presumably as private cars aren’t commonly driven here). The Brooklyn Bridge is “the bridge,” while “the city” is Manhattan.

Your neighborhood corner store is referred to as a “bodega,” and if someone says it’s “brick,” it’s quite cold. So, a “pie” here doesn’t have pastry on top or delectable offal inside, it’s simply a pizza. And the little steps you see in movies leading up to people’s houses and hosting some serious heart-to-heart talks are called “stoops.” Learning these will help you fit in a lot easier and not feel confused every time you have a casual conversation with someone. 

Making friends and building connections is crucial in NYC

After moving to NYC with interstate moving companies Las Vegas becoming friends with people who have been living here for a while is essential. This is because they know how to adapt to NYC lifestyle. This includes all the tips and tricks for helping you fit in and becoming a real New Yorker. It’s the easiest way if you plan on staying here for a long time. As we previously stated, the “New York mindset” shouldn’t prevent you from going out and meeting people. However, if you’d rather do so in a more organized setting, that’s also possible here.

The City Socializer App is a terrific place to start because it organizes meet-ups and parties according to your area, interests, and expectations. An equivalent service is offered by Perhaps you may use the previously described sofa surfing to build your social network. Alternately, you might approach things in a traditional manner like going to bars alone, or attending classes of something you’re interested in. It’s an ideal way of meeting like-minded individuals and bonding over something you both enjoy.

Opt for a studio apartment to save money

If you’re thinking about how to adapt to NYC lifestyle, buying a studio apartment is a must. It’s an apartment without a bedroom. This implies that your bedroom is part of your living area. For New Yorkers who have recently bought their first apartment in NYC, it’s a good starting point. What’s more, it’s way more common than you may think. As rent prices go up every day, this is the best option if you live alone so you can save money.  To design the ideal studio apartment that will fit your lifestyle, there are tons of furniture and decor alternatives to choose from. They will make your apartment seem more spacious because furniture can take up a lot of space. You need to think about things like chairs for your guests, etc.

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