Hidden gems of Las Vegas, NV

Every place in the world has something special that it has to offer. It can be in a form of a building, museum, or countryside. Well, we should not even mention Las Vegas. This relatively new place has a ton of things to offer to people that are moving here. But, where to start? Is everything that you see a gem? Of course not! There are many hidden gems of Las Vegas that you may have not heard about yet. So, we will try to give you all the necessary information about each and every place so that you could know where you visit after the reliable movers Las Vegas you have hired for the move do their job!

Find out all about the hidden gems of Las Vegas!

  • The Underground
  • Valley of Fire
  • Nostalgia Street Rods

The Underground

The prohibition era was the time in the US when it was prohibited to distribute and make alcohol. Even though the idea behind it was a good one, the whole plan went down the drain. But, it was also one of the most iconic times in US history. From fashion to music, everything was so different and unique. Many people nowadays would want to experience a feeling like this. Well, if you find residential movers LV and move right now, you will have the chance. The Underground is then made for you. With the right week password, you will have the chance to enjoy nice jazz music on stage with a bar. You can sit, relax, and get in your time machine!

mob museum is one of hidden gems on las vegas
Make sure to turn back to prohibition!

Valley of Fire

Not every hidden gem in LV has to be revolved around some kind of building. Las Vegas has a lot to offer when it comes to nature, too. Valley of Fire should be one of the first things that you visit once you are in Las Vegas. It contains petrified trees dating back more than 2 millennia. The good thing is that there is a visitor center which provides many different tours all year long. All you have to do is go there and inform yourself.

road in the desert
Valley of Fire is for nature enthusiasts

Nostalgia Street Rods

If you are into cars, then this hidden gem in Las Vegas is for you. Not all people associate Las Vegas with this. But, what is this actually about? The big collection of cars made from the 1910s to 1980s or what we call today, old-timers! Even people that do not drive appreciate them and that says a lot! So, if this is your thing, find a suitable home, book your movers Spring Valley NV and give yourself the chance to enjoy cars to the fullest!

Move to LV and enjoy all the hidden gems that Las Vegas has to offer!

Las Vegas is a major city and we can’t put everything on one list. But, we can tell you that you will certainly be pleased once you move. It is best if you have time to move but even if you do not, you should not worry. There are same day movers Las Vegas that can help you out with everything. The move can still be done properly even if you did not have enough time to plan everything properly.


Hidden gems of Las Vegas are many, but our ability to place them all on one list is not existent. We would need days to handle a job like this. This just proves that Las Vegas is full of things and places that should be enough to keep you occupied. So, make the calls and move to LV now!

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