Henderson or Boulder City – which to choose for your family relocation

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations (about a million people visit it each year) in the USA and it’s home to two million people. Las Vegas Strip with its neon signs and casinos is just a place for tourists since most of the residents live in peaceful parts of the city. We at Vegas Movers are here to help you decide which neighborhood suits you better Henderson or Boulder City.

Henderson and Boulder City are both family-friendly

Both Henderson and Boulder City are safe cities with a low crime rate when it comes to safety. There are multiply studies that you can find online and according to Forbs statistics Henderson ranked 2nd.  In the safety category, we’ll give Henderson a trophy. Boulder City on the other hand prohibited gambling and has 66% lower crime rates than the average US city.

They are family-friendly cities but in different ways.  If you have kids, we’ll have to say that Henderson has more options for them. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more peaceful place then our suggestion is Boulder City. We have to mention that the population of Henderson is above  300 000, while Boulder City has around 15 000 people.

Las Vegas Strip at night, viewed from Henderson.
If you move to either Henderson or Boulder City, you’ll be on the strip in less than an hour.

Family fun time in Henderson and Boulder City

Boulder City is a low key paradise

If you are a person that is laid back and relaxed and if you like parks and nature then this is a place for you and your family. If you decide to move, here ask around to see who are the best movers Boulder City NV. Here is a checklist of things that you can do in Boulder City:

  • Hoover Dam. The most famous attraction in Nevada is Hoover Dam. More than one million visitors from all around the world come to see it.
  • Gold courses. If you are a fan of this sport you’ll be happy to know that there are several golf courses.
  • Lake Mead. For families that enjoy boat rides, sailing,  swimming, picnics, and camping, there is a beautiful Boulder beach located on the shore of Lake Mead (it’s about a mile long).
  • Hemenway Park. Playground equipment, gazebos, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and two illuminated tennis courts are all available at this 10-acre park.

Henderson – a city within a city

Maybe you are moving from Las Vegas to Henderson since during the sunset you’ll have an amazing view of the strip.  When people have families they want to avoid rush hour and crowds, but they don’t want to lose all advantages of the city. Here you can find resorts, spas, schools, hospitals, parks, water parks, lakes, libraries, diners, coffee shops, and lots of other places where you can spend your time with your family. We are confident that this city will provide you with everything that you require. Also, don’t forget that you are only 20 minutes away from the entertainment capital of the world.

We have a suggestion if you have kids that like animals a lot, especially cats. There is a Lion Habitat Ranch located in the Western part of Henderson which can be very amusing for them.

Which place has better job opportunities

Henderson is close to Las Vegas and it has 20 times the population of Boulder City.  On the other hand boulder City is a smaller city but you can still find plenty of jobs there. We don’t want to get you discouraged, since pandemic Covid-19 a lot of jobs moved from offices to homes. If you are pursuing a career we assure you that there are plenty of options in both cities. But, if you are looking for a wider specter of job opportunities moving from Boulder City to Henderson might just be the right option for you. When it comes to different jobs and the variety of jobs we’ll have to give here Henderson a point.

Man and woman shaking hands near the table.
Henderson and Boulder City job markets always welcome new workers.

Cost of Living in Boulder City vs Henderson

If you check the cost of living in both cities you’ll see that they rank above average. Boulder City is a bit less expensive which makes sense since larger cities usually are more expensive to live in. When we compare average healthcare prices we can see that they are absolutely the same for both cities. Healthcare prices are below average which means that it’s cheaper than average US city. A doctor’s office visit, a dental exam, and the daily price of a hospital stay are used to compute healthcare costs. Utilities are also below average, which means that cooling, heating, gas, electricity, etc are quite affordable for residential areas.

For above-average prices, we have some for both Boulder City and Henderson. Boulder City is somewhat more costly, yet both cities are more expensive than the typical US city for groceries. Buying and renting costs are more expensive (about 30% higher than average) since both cities are near Vegas.  Transportation costs are more expensive in Henderson and both cities are above the US average.  This estimate took into account car insurance, maintenance costs, public transportation fares, and gasoline prices. The average cost of transportation didn’t include vehicle registration or license taxes.


Man sitting in front of three computers.
It’s crucial to calculate the costs of living before moving to another city.

Other costs like clothing, restaurants, repairs, entertainment, etc. all ranked also above average by a small percentage. Henderson was cheaper for a tiny percentage than Boulder City. In the end, they both ranked more expensive than the US average city. If you’re looking to relocate your family to Nevada you’ll also need the reliable and best moving companies Henderson NV.


We’ve presented you with all options ranging from parks to the average cost of renting. Now it’s up to you to decide which city suits you better.  Henderson, or Boulder City, that is the question.

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