Guidelines for Packing Wooden Furniture

Protection is what you should be looking for for your belongings when moving. Once you start preparing for the move, you will realize that there are plenty of items that can suffer damage while in transport. Many of them will be fragile items that you would have to pack and protect either way. They are glassware and ceramics for example. However, have you ever thought that you are going to need guidelines for packing wooden furniture? If that has not crossed your mind so far, this is the right moment to start thinking about it. We are going to try and make it easier for you. To help you make your plan for packing wooden furniture, we are going to share some of the packing tips and tricks of the trade. Therefore, bear with us and ensure the safety for all of your belongings on a moving day.

Before packing wooden furniture, make sure to clean in thoroughly
Clean your furniture before packing it

Packing Wooden Furniture for Moving

Some might have a hard time understanding that even wooden furniture requires careful protection for moving to Nevada. Therefore, the best time to find out what you need to do about it is before the moving day arrives. So, let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the general guidelines for packing wooden furniture:

  • Obtain enough packing supplies.
  • Clean before packing.
  • Dismantle.
  • Make a detailed plan of loading your items on the truck.

Plan carefully, and you will move efficiently. Should you not create a detailed plan, you should prepare to fail your move. And that’s not something that you would wish upon yourself.

Get the Right Packing Supplies

Man wrapped in plastic wrap
Make sure to wrap your furniture in plastic wrap

While no two moves are the same, they do have some re-occurring touchpoints. In the case that you need to prepare for packing wooden furniture, you should make sure to obtain the packing supplies of the right sort. Also, you are going to need it in sufficient quantities. One of the perks of hiring residential moving companies Nevada is the fact that they have the moving supplies in abundant quantities. Once you strike a deal with them, no matter how much material for packing they might need to use to ensure thorough protection for your items, they will. Plus, it is not going to cost you any more. However, if you insist on packing wooden furniture by yourself, make sure to buy the following moving material:

  • Standard plastic wrap with air cells for the best protection
  • Plastic stretch wrap to wrap large parts of your wooden furniture
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets to place them between furniture and other items that are going into the moving truck
  • Mattress covers
  • Large sealable plastic bags that can fit small pillows

Clean Before Packing

How often do you move all of your furniture to clean behind or underneath them? Not that often, right? If that is the case with you, like it is with most people, you are going to have to handle a lot of dust and dirtiness. Right before you move is the perfect time to clean all of your furniture. After all, it will ensure that you do not have to deal with the dirt once you move into your new home. Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas has seen it firsthand how dirty furniture can get. Even professional moving companies require furniture to be clean before moving.

Dismantle your Wooden Furniture Before Packing

To be able to fit as much as possible into the moving truck, you should dismantle your wooden furniture. Given the fact that sofas, beds, and cabinets are quite bulky, dismantling them and moving them piece by piece is a way to save money while moving as well. No matter whether you are moving interstate from Nevada or locally, it is a good idea to keep as much money to yourself when moving. It will enable you to invest more in the quality of life after the move.

Plan on a piece of paper
Make a detailed plan of loading your items onto the moving truck

Now, bear in mind that it is possible that you might have to do some cutting of upholstery here and there to dismantle furniture. That is okay to do as long as you meet two requirements while doing it:

  • You should cut padding only on places that are not visible.
  • Make sure to know how to sew it back together after the move.

Create a Detailed Loading Plan

There are two reasons why you should make a comprehensive loading plan:

  • Firstly, you will want to rent as small a moving truck as possible. The smaller the truck, the lower the renting fee.
  • Secondly, by making a detailed moving plan, you will ensure that all of your items, including your wooden furniture, survive the move unscratched.

Your loading plan should include details on the order of loading items onto the moving truck. For example, the first thing that you should do to ensure safety for your items when packing wooden furniture is to place cardboard along the sides of the truck. While primarily paper, cardboard is an efficient way to avoid scratches of your belongings. Also, you may want to load the largest pieces first such as a fridge for example. Only after items such as these are on the truck should you move on and load your dissembled furniture: the last things that should go inside and the smallest and the lightest of your belongings.

Do your job in the right way, and you will move quickly, efficiently, and above all, safely.


Packing wooden furniture may not be a straightforward job as you might have thought it was going to be. However, it is an essential step in the moving process. Without it, your furniture could suffer severe functional or esthetic damage while in transport. Therefore, invest time and energy in protecting your furniture. You will be happy that you have once the move is over.

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