Guide to moving to Summerlin this summer

If you are thinking about becoming a new resident of the city of Las Vegas in the next few months, you definitely need to consider Summerlin. Moving to Summerlin this summer is something that movers in Las Vegas area expect to be a popular activity. In case you are thinking about taking this step soon too, we have some information that may interest you.

moving to Summerlin this summer is what many people are planning to choose
Moving to Summerlin this summer is expected to be a plan for many people.

Why you should consider moving to Summerlin this summer

Summerlin is a community in the Las Vegas valley in Nevada that is growing in popularity. This community now has over 100.000 citizens and has received awards for being one of the best places to live in the United States. Summerlin movers believe that there are many reasons for it, but here is a couple of them:

Many outdoors activities

Nevada and Las Vegas are famous for having countless options to spend your time outside of your home. Low cost movers Las Vegas remind you that Summerlin is not any different. There are tons of restaurants, clubs, and other nightlife options to choose from. Besides this, you can spend your time hiking, biking, rock climbing, or playing golf. Summerlin has many golf courses and parks close by, so if you are a fan of those, you will not be disappointed.

Job market and real estate

When it comes to job opportunities, Summerlin has many. Of course, since it is a part of Las Vegas, the majority of the jobs are in the tourism and hospitality industries. The unemployment rate is slightly higher than the national average, but do not let that fool you. Also, you have the benefit of being close to Las Vegas which has an even bigger market for you to explore.

Another thing that you should explore is the real estate market. Summerlin is undergoing great expansion and is expected to be an even more popular place in the next few years. This may be enough for you to decide to invest and buy a new property in this part of Nevada.

The weather

If you are a fan of sunny and hot weather you will love Summerlin. Since Las Vegas is practically in the desert, the weather here is at least warm throughout the year. Even during the coldest months, January and December, the temperature is around 40º. This amazing weather allows people to enjoy the outdoors and do many different things in Summerlin. Also, do not expect a lot of rain, since February is the only month when you can usually see it happen several times.

a couple preparing to move
A couple is preparing to move and packing their boxes.

People tend to have many unanswered questions when they plan to relocate. If your questions were about moving to Summerlin this summer we hope that we answered most, if not all of them. Hopefully, those answers will help you make the right decision and we will see you here in a few months!

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