Guide to moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Moving out of Las Vegas and heading down to Los Angeles to start a new chapter? So, what is it? Did that tiresome job hunting finally paid off, and you’ve managed to land a solid offer in a new city? Or maybe you’re an entering college freshman one move away from a desirable Los Angeles catchment area? Or perhaps you’re starting a family and a sudden realization that taking the ‘sin’ out the Sin City is next to impossible just hit you? Whatever the reason, taking a peek of what awaits you in your future hometown is always a welcome initiative. Once you’ve got everything you need, be sure to give movers in Las Vegas area a call for a seamless move to Los Angeles. Finding the right relocation company crew to handle your move from the City of Lights to LA is our best advice for a successful relocation.

Finding the right movers Las Vegas to Los Angeles is important.
Finding the best Las Vegas movers for your relocation to Los Angeles comes right after finding out what you can expect from your future hometown to be.

City of Angels, Lost Angeles, or a bit of both? – know what to expect from life in Los Angeles before reaching out to your Las Vegas movers

Ready to embrace both the good and the bad of your hometown to be? Just like everyone and everything, life in Los Angeles has both its blessings and drawbacks. But, for the sake of things not catching you off guard, exploring both wouldn’t be a bad call. So, what can you expect once your movers drop your life off from Las Vegas to Los Angeles? Let’s weigh out the pros and cons so you can start preparing for the moving day.

Weather in LA versus Vegas – depends on your preferences

As the city that sits deep within the Mojave desert, the most arid desert on the continent, Las Vegas is one of the hottest places in the US. You’re all too well familiar with a list of ways to cool down in your hometown, but once your Las Vegas moving company crew gets you to your new location in Los Angeles, you can finally say goodbye to the dry desert temperatures and hello to the third most pleasant city in America. Throughout the year, the temperature usually ranges from 48°F to 85°F. 

LA demographics – are you a people person?

Extroverts will feel right at home in LA. Placing the demographics of the two side by side reveals a striking difference, and Los Angeles gets all the glory. With nearly four million residents within the city limits, this city lands the title of the second-most populous city in the United States.

But, if you’re not loving this, don’t worry – the headline’s not all bad news. Populous cities offer better prospects for employment due to their large economies. Moreover, LA marks 80.73% lower population density and isn’t considered to be overpopulated.

Working in LA – The entertainment industry is only a fraction of economic activity

If landing a great new job or a promotion isn’t the reason you’re calling cross country moving companies Las Vegas for their relocation crew to move you to Los Angeles, you might need more than a carefully polished CV. Although the city’s economically diverse, and show business is only one piece of the colorful economic picture, the crowd of candidates make job hunting a bit more difficult. The LA job market is highly competitive. So a good idea would be to come up with some strategies to find work in LA before you reach out to any Las Vegas moving companies, that is – as soon as possible.

Cost of living – Your dollar goes a lot further in Vegas

The US’s second-largest city is downright expensive. You’ll need to adjust your spending habits, because everything’s more costly in Los Angeles, from home purchase and apartment rents to gas and groceries. The median household income here is $64,251.

Thinking about buying a home? The median home price of a single-family home in Los Angeles is $650,000, and the median home price in Las Vegas is 68% cheaper. Thinking about renting? The average apartment rent is $1,000-1,300, depending on the neighborhood, and again, in Vegas, it is roughly 60% cheaper than it is in LA.

Study – LA has a culture of its own

Although it may be home to Hollywood, this city’s also home to some of the most prestigious schools both in the state and worldwide. There is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Santa Monica College, Santa Barbara City College, California State University Northridge (just North of LA), University of Southern California or USC, and many others.

LA traffic – Expect Google Maps to be your new best buddy

Know that there is only one thing worse than not having your own car in the City of Angels, and that is, ironically, having one. You might need some time to adapt since, when it comes to traffic-choked towns, Las Vegas is nowhere near as bad as Los Angeles. Therefore, if you can afford to live somewhere close to work, you’d not believe the relief of being able to avoid the LA traffic chaos. If not, always check the commute time before leaving for work, or, for that matter, anywhere else.

One quick thing. Your vehicle with Las Vegas registrations will have to go through an emissions check. It is only then that you can register it in Los Angeles.

Red car on the move in Los Angeles.
The struggle of LA traffic is real because every hour is a rush hour.

The bus and rail system of Los Angeles is fairly good, so you might want to consider replacing the car with a Metro ride. The cost of a single Metro ticket is $1.75, $7.00 for a whole day, and $100 for a month. However, you’ll be able to save some cash if you, for instance, buy a 7 Day Pass.

Professional movers Las Vegas to Los Angeles

When planning your residential location to LA, the right steps will save you a lot of hassle and even more cash. Some basic wise moves would be to get at least three written in-home estimates from local moving companies. Then, verify their credentials, examine client reviews and complaints. Do your research and do it well to avoid scams and get the best possible deal.

Besides finding the right movers Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Create a budget and save on moving costs

When devising a budget for your move, be sure to consider the overall moving price, as well as the first apartment costs (first and last month’s rent, and security deposit), and the startup costs (utilities, internet, furniture, dishware, etc.). Of course, having some extra money on the side is never a bad plan. As we’ve said, LA’s expensive, so here’re some ways to cut costs on your move.

Choose the neighborhood

LA is a big, sprawling city that consists of many different neighborhoods. Each has its own advantages, so it’s only a question of a personal preference. For instance, Glendale and Silverlake are generally safer and offer a lot of fun stuff to do. Places like Manhattan Beach and Venice are nearby to the ocean. Valley neighborhoods are close to the entertainment industry. If you’re interested in classic urban living, check out Downtown.

Your Las Vegas movers need to know where to drop off your belongings in Los Angeles.
Just like you would put some effort into finding the right Las Vegas movers, you will also need to do your research and find the best Los Angeles neighborhood for you.

Decide on how to get there – will you be using Las Vegas Movers for your move to Los Angeles?

  • If Las Vegas movers are transferring your belongings to Los Angeles, you might consider driving there. The driving time is approximately 5 hours. The shortest route between the cities is 265.40 mi (427.11 km).
  • Flying to LA? The flight distance between LAS and HHR is 233.86 mi (376.37 km) and the flight time is 56 minutes. Don’t forget to ask around for the best shipping services to drop your car off in LA.

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