Guide to dismantling a kitchen

When you need to move, packing your household is the most difficult task. You have to go through all of the items that you accumulated over the years. For some people, this can be a problem as it is hard to say goodbye to items even though they did not use them in years. However, everything is manageable, even decluttering your home. The kitchen is the biggest problem as you have many cabinets, countertops, kitchen appliances, etc. For this reason, find the best moving companies Las Vegas to help you with dismantling a kitchen and read this guide so you can be prepared.  

four brown stools in the kitchen
Make sure you know how to dismantle your kitchen

Talk to your movers 

It is difficult to dismantle your kitchen, especially if you are not really sure how to do it. For this reason, you should discuss it with your movers. This is also a quite effective way to check if you hire a reliable moving company. There are many moving companies Henderson NV, but not all of them are reputable. Therefore, ask you movers about dismantling a kitchen. See how they react. Based on their answers, you can see if they have experience or not. In addition to this, make sure to ask about additional fees. Disassembling furniture counts as an additional service. This way you can see if it would be more affordable to dismantle a kitchen on your own or pay movers. 

Dismantling a kitchen – the first set of tips 

First, do an inventory. Most kitchens usually have the following items. 

  • Base cabinets 
  • Mounted cabinets 
  • Electronic appliances 
  • The sink 
  • Countertops 
  • Drawers 
  • Cupboards 
  • Tables and chairs 

When you make a list of your items, see which set of tools you will need. Usually, you will need a ladder, a hammer, wrenches, a flat pry bar, and slip-joint pliers. Do not forget to get a pair of gloves in order to protect your hands. Lastly, get help. Ask your friends and family if they want to help you dismantle a kitchen. It is difficult to disassemble kitchen furniture alone. Therefore, if you do not want movers’ help, have your friends to help you. Working with your friends can help you to deal with stress 

brown wooden shelf in the kitchen
Usually, kitchens have many cabinets and shelves

The second set of tips 

Here is another set of important tips. 

  • Shut off your electricity 
  • Remove electronic appliances by securing their cords and doors 
  • Pack food and liquids 
  • Protect the floor 
  • Disassemble mounted cabinets by removing the doors firs then take them off the wall and remove the other removable parts 
  • Remove the countertop then you can remove base cabinets as well by taking out drawers and doors first, then remove screws from the back 
  • Close the water, detach the drain pipe and the garbage disposal, and then you can remove the sink 

As you can see, this would be a short but useful guide to dismantling a kitchen. Make sure to have proper packing supplies and tools. Start easy and give yourself enough time to pack your kitchen. 

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