Guide to baby-proofing your Spring Valley home

You take a deep breath and look around you. It is finally done! All the packed boxes are scattered on the floor of your new home, which signals that the endless list reached its end after all. While looking around, you notice something you never thought about, the dangers of a regular home. Since your baby started crawling, you did everything in your power to make your old home safe. But now that you have left it behind, you need to do everything again and fast. As a parent, you might be fast to react as our professional movers Las Vegas are fast packing for a move. But you can never be safe enough with kids, so keep reading to hopefully learn something new about baby-proofing your Spring Valley home.

What should you keep in mind about Spring Valley?

Spring Valley is a fast-growing suburb in Las Vegas. Even though it is one of the best places to live in Nevada, not many families live here. Our movers Spring Valley NV are usually busy moving young professionals in this area, but that doesn’t mean that families cannot enjoy it too. Since it is a densely populated suburb, not many people have access to a backyard. This makes baby-proofing your Spring Valley home mandatory since you will spend the majority of your time indoors. It would be best if you also did it fast, on top of all the tasks that you need to complete. To keep your baby safe, you need to:

  • Get on your baby’s level
  • Cover every sharp corner and outlet
  • Bar the stairs

Picture of a person hugging a baby after baby-proofing your Spring Valley home

Get on your baby’s level before you start baby-proofing your Spring Valley home

Babies are curious creatures. Their curiosity knows no limits. But instead of denying them the satisfaction of exploration, you should make the whole home a baby-safe space. While you can get on their level, you also need to think as they do. They will reach for everything that is not a toy, and what they have never seen or touched before. Since everything will be in boxes or around the floor after moving with some local movers in Las Vegas, you need to get all potentially dangerous items out of the way.

Cover sharp corners

No matter how many corners you cover, babies will always manage to hurt themselves on the uncovered ones. For that reason, you need to cover all corners that are at your baby’s height. This is especially important if your baby recently started walking, and they are still in the wobbly walking phase.

Bar stairs

Stairs are a potentially significant danger for babies and young kids, and they need to be barred ASAP. While it might be more logical to bar the top side first, you need to do both, to prevent unwanted trips upstairs. If you cannot get a baby gate right away, you can even use packed boxes to close the passage and prevent serious injuries. You will also be able to focus on tasks better, knowing that the stairs are off-limits to your kids.

Picture of a baby in front of a gate
Baby-proofing your Spring Valley home should start with putting up baby gates

You can dedicate time to baby-proofing your Spring Valley home if you have moving helpers

Your child’s safety is a top priority but hiring relocation services Las Vegas should also be one. This way, you as a caregiver, will do what you are supposed to, while movers will do their job. We wish you good luck and plenty of patience while getting used to a new home!

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