Guide for Packing Your Household Like a Pro

When it comes to moving, a huge part of it is the packing and unpacking process. You have to pack everything you possess, from your clothes to your dishes and paintings. Basically, you have to place your whole life in boxes and prepare for when the moving truck arrives. This adventure often becomes overwhelming and stressful. That’s why professional help from movers Spring Valley NV is highly recommended if you want your relocation to run smoothly. So, we have put together a guide for packing your household like a pro. We guarantee that our tips will help you pack efficiently and safely.

Packing Your Household Like a Pro – Where to Start?

As we said previously, relocations are stressful. The fact that you have to pack your entire house into boxes causes stress and often overwhelms you. That is why a good organization is the key to successful packing. Obviously, that is our first step. Start with making a supply list of the material you’re going to need for packing. It is so important to buy the right moving supplies, as the best moving companies in Nevada recommend. Here are the essentials.

  • Moving boxes– They are a must-have when it comes to moving. Get a pile of moving boxes of different sizes. You are probably going to need a small, medium and large size. There are always ways to find free boxes, so use them and save some money.
  • Cushions– We’re quite sure you already have them around your household. For this purpose, you can use old rags, towels or sheets. Place them inside the boxes to protect your fragile belongings.
  • Plastic bins– This option is more expensive, but is made of a firmer material than cardboard boxes. You can use them for a couple of years, especially for storing children’s toys, for example.
  • Other packing materials– By this, we think of packing paper, crumpled newspaper or packing tape. Also, you may need scissors or a box.
Packing your household like a pro by using boxes
You’re going to need many cardboard boxes. Try to get them for free.

Guide for Packing Your Household- 3 Crucial Tips for Pro Packing

Surely, you’ve read a dozen of advice on how to pack your household for relocation. But, we’re also sure you still haven’t read the right ones, chronologically stated and elaborated. That’s where our guide for packing your household like a pro gets to the scene.

Seal Your Boxes

The common mistake that people make whilst relocating is that they don’t seal the boxes. So, the items packed stick out of the boxes. Besides the fact that this doesn’t look neat, there’s a possibility some of the items go missing during the relocation. Also, some of the items can get accidentally broken. Hense, seal the boxes tight. Use the paper or protective sheet to close the box. Also, use the packing tape to finally seal the box. This way you’re also going to make it easier on carriers to carry and place boxes inside the moving truck.

Label Every Single Box to Achieve Packing Your Household Like a Pro

Another essential step is to label every box you have. Especially mark the ones that contain fragile items. You’ll know the content of each box and which box can go on the bottom and which on top. In case you have a box that contains various small items, pin a checklist to that box. By doing this, you’ll know where to look for certain items without thinking.

Do Not Overfill the Moving Boxes

No matter if you pack cardboard boxes or plastic bins, the rule is the same. Don’t make them too heavy. Keep them around 30 or 40 lbs. On the other hand, when it comes to boxes with fragile items, keep them under this weight. The boxes can break under pressure, especially if you’re relocating during bad weather. You also risk getting an injury due to heavy lifting. Keep this advice in mind before you start packing.

Keep in mind that someone will have to carry the boxes.
Keep your boxes as light as possible. Make it easier on everyone.

Pack Your Kitchen Like a Pro

The kitchen is the most delicate part of your household when it comes to packing. There are so many sharp items and a lot of glass. When it comes to fragile items, it is important to secure the boxes with cushions. Fill the gaps between the items with crumpled paper to avoid the impact. We also advise you to tuck the glassware with a dish pack cells. Furthermore, when it comes to packing sharp objects, start by wrapping them with towels. Mark out one box for this kind of item. Finally, remove all the batteries and utility cords from your kitchen appliances. Use the original boxes of the appliances if you have them.

How to Pack Your Child’s Room

This question is very important for every parent. It is tough enough to explain to your child that he has to move away from his friends. But, you also have to organize and pack a children’s room properly. We also have a detailed guide on how to pack a children’s room like a pro.

Packing Your Household Like a Pro In Terms of Clothes

Use all the suitcases to pack your clothes like a pro.
Packing your household like a pro includes packing the clothes. So, do it wisely.

Obviously, you’re not going to need all those cardboard boxes to pack your wardrobe. You can use suitcases that you own, but you can also use garbage bags with a strip. They are easy to carry. Also, consider using vacuum bags by sucking out the air with a vacuum cleaner. When it comes to your precious clothes, use hangers and protective bags. You will not need more than a few hours to pack everything. If you want to make it easier, we have a suggestion. Put your clothes on a huge sheet, wrap all sides in the center and tie in a knot. This is such an easy and efficient way to carry your clothes to a different location.

In the end, we know packing seems like an impossible task. But, let us give you the simplest and the most important advice in conclusion. Don’t panic. That will slow you down and make the relocation process even more difficult. So, take a deep breath and follow our guide for packing your household like a pro.

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