Fun Facts about Paradise NV

Paradise, Nevada is a place where many people want to move. It is a great place that has tons of things to offer to people that want to come here. In order to achieve this, you need movers Paradise NV that will aid you and that is it. However, moving to another place is more than just making sure you transfer safely. You want to know as much as possible about the place. You are just passing through and want to learn some fun facts about Paradise NV. So, here is everything that you want to know before you come to this magnificent place!

Here are fun facts about Paradise NV that you should know

  • Too attached to Las Vegas
  • It is home to one of the best universities in Nevada
  • Its land is all land

Too attached to Las Vegas

This is a fairly weird place. It is because this is an unincorporated town. The population is around 200,000 residents so we can’t say that this is a smaller place. However, when it comes to addresses in Paradise NV, they are all labeled as Las Vegas. It is a common misconception among people that these two are the same place and that Paradise is actually Las Vegas. It is not the case but this is certainly a fun thing that you want to know if you are considering moving here. Even though you are moving to Las Vegas when we consider shipping addresses, you are going to one of the best places in Nevada to prosper!

a photo of las vegas at night
Do not confuse Paradise with Las Vegas

It is home to one of the best universities in Nevada

When talking about interesting things about Paradise NV, we have to mention education. Even though people think that the University of Nevada is actually located in Las Vegas, it is wrong. It is a part of Paradise and that is a great thing for people moving here to continue their education. However, since these two places are quite close and practically one place, all reliable movers Las Vegas can handle this move for you, even though you are not moving to Las Vegas. That means more options for you to choose from when deciding about the moving company you want to relocate you.

university of nevada being in Paradise is one of fun facts about Paradise NV
Get an education you deserve

Its land is all land

This may sound confusing, but the whole 46 square miles is just all land. There is no water and that is certainly interesting considering the land it covers. Of course, we do not mean pools because you can find them wherever you look. So, if you consider Paradise, Nevada as your future place of living, be prepared not to see any moving water around you!

Explore the rest of the fun things in Paradise once you move

Fun facts about Paradise NV are one thing but fun things to do are another. There are so many things you can do here you can visit all of them in a year. So, you should start preparing for your move. Make sure to get movers Las Vegas cost of the move and prepare everything. Believe us, you will fall in love with this magnificent place!

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