Fun activities in Vegas during the fall

Las Vegas is a synonym for fun. Every time you visit this city, you will always find something interesting to see and do. Since Las Vegas has extremely hot summers, you should visit either in spring or fall. You can enjoy all the Las Vegas activities without worrying about high temperatures. However, what should you do in this city? It is great if you are moving here with movers Paradise NV since then you have plenty of time to explore. For people short on time, and for the newcomers as well, here is a list of fun activities in Vegas during the fall 

A few plants and gardens 

Let’s start with a place suitable for the season, Gilcrease Orchard. Why is this a good place to start? It is almost Halloween time and you need to get all the best Halloween decorations for your house. Since this holiday cannot pass without some pumpkins, visit this farmland and get yours. In addition to this, there are other fresh vegetables to pick so you make some delicious meal after the walk. 

In addition to this place, you should visit Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio. This garden has special arrangements for every season. The fall one is as beautiful as the spring arrangement. If you plan to move to Las Vegas, this is the place you should visit first. After residential movers Las Vegas deliver your items, relieve the stress by taking a walk through this beautiful botanic garden. 

orange flowers
Visit the beautiful botanic garden to relax

Fun activities in Vegas during the fall – be more active 

For those you like to be active, you should explore the Hoover Dam. Not only will you have to walk to reach this place, but you can also take in one of the most impressive pieces of architecture. In addition to this, you should also see the Strip from the above. You can achieve this by riding the High Roller Observation Wheel or ride an evening helicopter. The choice is yours to make. Since you will probably end up wishing to move here, make another great choice when getting Las Vegas moving help. 

After all of these adventures, you should visit Zombie Burlesque at V Theater. Since the fall is mostly associated with Halloween, you can visit this theater in October. This play, in particular, has everything you need in play, comedy, music, interesting characters, and an award-winning cast. It would be perfect if you can spend your Halloween at this place! 

activities in Vegas during the fall include to see zombies
Get ready to be entertained at the zombie show

The last set of recommendations 

Everything comes to an end, so does the list of fun activities in Vegas during the fall. Here are the last recommendations. You can always add more to the list.

  • Explore the city with Big Bus Las Vegas 
  • Visit the Grand Canyon 
  • First Friday Arts Celebration and Festival 
  • Life is Beautiful Festival 
  • Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival  
  • The Henderson Farmer’s Market 
  • Stu Miller’s Pumpkin Patch 
  • The Springs Preserve Haunted Harvest event and many more! 


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