Extra protection you should use when packing fragile items

When you need to move, the most important part is packing your items. The safety of your items will depend on your packing skills. Buying a new house, hiring Nevada movers, and similar will be quite expensive, so you probably do not want to buy new items because your old ones got damaged or broken during transport. This is especially important when you’re moving fragile items. For this reason, here are all the tips for extra protection you should use when packing fragile items. 

white ceramic plates
Make sure to properly pack your plates so you can use them again

Extra protection you should use when packing fragile items – packing supplies 

It does not matter if you are moving house or you want to relocate your office to a new city with office movers Las Vegas. If you need to pack better items, here are all the packing supplies you should get. 

  • Moving boxes – however, they should have the right dimensions so your fragile item can fit perfectly inside and still leave enough space for support 
  • Bubble wrapping – probably the best packing material you can get for your fragile items. Make sure to use multiple layers in order to protect your items.  
  • Airbags or packing peanuts – you will need to fill an empty space with either airbag or packing peanuts. In addition to this, airbags are better for sharp items. 
  • Foam enclosures or foam-in-bag – this can be molded for a specific product. 
  • Corrugated inserts – to strengthen the package. 

How to pack your belongings? 

First of all, you need to use quality bubble wrapping. Make sure to wrap your fragile item into several layers and then secure the bubble wrapping with tape. Then, you should choose the right box for that item so it is not too small and not too big. Your item should fit nicely inside and still have some empty space left. You can also add multiple items inside. However, make sure not to overstuff the box as this can lead to some serious damage. Place your items vertically and fill the empty space with some of the packing supplies mentioned above. Then, it is time to close the box. First, lightly shake your box to see if your items are secured inside. If they can move, add more airbags or packing peanuts or any other material. After this, seal the box with the tape. 

person packing
You have to add several layers of protective material around your item

Labeling your boxes 

It is extremely important to label your boxes when packing and moving fragile items. You can use a standard black marker. Write down fragile in capital letters so your movers will know they should be extra careful when handling this box. Lastly, it would be wise to get insurance. This is especially important if your fragile items are also very expensive. You can easily replace a cup made of glass, but buying a new laptop is not so affordable. For this reason, protect your items with proper packing and by getting insurance. 

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