Eco-friendly packing tips and tricks

Moving can be challenging without proper help, but you know what isn’t so hard? Relocating but also reducing the amount of waste you create and leave behind. There are many different eco-friendly packing solutions you can implement without buying too many boxes or several rolls of packing tape. Not to mention all the bubble wrapping people normally go for that is also made of plastic. Since you’ll be dealing with all of the items you have forgotten you owned while packing as well, we recommend you hire movers Henderson NV to facilitate this process and make it as smooth as possible. Hiring us is the perfect opportunity for assessing your belongings and figuring out what you really need and want.

Use what you have first. Go for the most sustainable option which is among the things you already own.

Moving is the perfect time to minimize

Why not use this opportunity to go through your home before packing to declutter and purge it from old and unused items? Why not give your unused goods to friends and neighbors, or give them to your local thrift/charity shop.

  • Give away and donate. You may have some friends who will have a better use for your patio grill. Which no longer have, especially if you’re moving overseas. So this could be a win-win situation!
  • Organize a garage sale. Go ahead and organize a yard sale to maybe even make a few bucks in your minimizing endeavor. Then you could put that money towards your eco-friendly moving budget. Even though you might not make a ton of cash, you will be able to get rid of a good amount of things.
  • Hire professional movers. So you’ll have less for packing and hauling – and remember, that cost you extra. But you. But you can always rely on our affordable services to offer amazing Las Vegas movers prices. You’ll be thankful for this when you have a smaller moving bill and fewer boxes to haul!

You should start your eco-friendly packing  journey early

You should start decluttering and packing as early as possible. This is essential especially if you want enough time to think through your eco-friendly packing process. This includes getting your surplus items to the right places before you go. It can be very tempting to procrastinate. But maybe our tips on what final things to do before the move will help you handle this whole process better. Because when you slowly start looking for new homes for your old things, you give them a better chance of being reused or recycled properly.

Use what you have around the house

Cut down on the number of packing materials you’d buy by using whatever household goods you can. Try to incorporate your household items and let them serve as eco-friendly packing equipment wherever possible. You could still utilize cardboard boxes for packing but also think about packing things in wooden crates, wire baskets, suitcases, and backpacks. Whatever you have. Depending on how you’re going about your moving process, this could be the perfect option for you. But if not, our skilled local movers can deliver anything you need at your doorstep. We can also pack everything you own or as little as you need. We have sealed eco-friendly packing containers that can go in the truck. The same, any open boxes, crates or baskets will go with you. Apart from your makeshift packing supplies, clothing and linens are a great substitute for packing for delicate items.

Books and a tablet in a suitcase - eco-friendly packing supplies
Facebook marketplace is the perfect place to sell your items that are still in good shape.

You can stock up on reused eco-friendly packing supplies.

If you have some free square footage, start gathering supplies a few months ahead of time. Gather supplies from friends, neighbors, and local stores. Also, remember to think about getting extra newspapers and packing papers. Go on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or ask your local moving companies for used moving boxes. Many clients just want to take the boxes off their hands so they leave them with the movers. And that’s just a very simple and free eco-friendly packaging for you!

You can use all of these items that you already have around the house as professional substitutes:

  • Dresser Drawers
  • Large Cooking Pots
  • Pillow Cases
  • Laundry Baskets
  • Buckets
  • Wicker Baskets
  • Cloth Bags

Find secondhand eco-friendly packing supplies

There is also the possibility of contacting some big chain store’s shipping department before you move to find out when they accept their trucks. Ask them if it’d be fine if you took their empty boxes afterward. It is one of our most practical eco-friendly packing tips. Also, know that you don’t have to buy a bunch of bubble wrapping to protect your breakable items. We have already shown you plenty of alternative items in your home that will work even better! These can save you the money you could put towards a more important project! Furthermore, since you have to move these items anyway, you might as well put them to good use.

Once the move is over and you don’t have a use for your boxes anymore, try this:

  • Let the kids play with them and get creative
  • Break them down and drop them off at the nearest recycling facility.
  • Fill them up with donations
  • Use them to ship packages

After the move, the most ecologically conscious decision is to reuse your eco-friendly packing materials, even before recycling them. Research Craigslist, a Buy Nothing group, or a neighborhood forum to try to find the boxes a new home. We promise you won’t have a problem with this because people like free stuff!

You can use items that you already have around the house as professional substitutes, like sheets and pillowcases.


When in doubt, just add more layers when packing. In case you’re wavering between wanting to pack everything with optimum care and safety, and avoiding using too many wasteful materials, going green is a great option. And when it comes to eco-friendly packing materials, a good rule of thumb is to contact the professionals. Better to use more than to risk the integrity of your items during transit. When a glass bottle breaks, it not only wastes the glass, but also the condiment. If you get a broken lamp, it will end up in the landfill, but remember that broken ceramics isn’t recyclable! So choosing between damage and using an extra towel or an additional layer of newspapers becomes easier with that in mind.

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