The Downsides of Moving With Friends

There are a lot of things you need to think about when moving – but are friendships one? Moving is a complicated and lengthy process – and you will often be under a lot of stress. What’s more, moving can get quite expensive, so a lot of people skip working with local movers Summerlin, and choose to call their friends for backup instead. Unfortunately, this can often backfire, and all that stress can cause a strain on your relationship. In this article, we discuss all that can happen with your friends during a move, as well as the downsides of moving with friends.

What are Different Downsides of Moving With Friends?

Friends climbing a mountain.
Friends can be of great help.

As you probably already know, there are a lot of people on this planet. And with them – there are a lot of friendships. That is why looking at different downsides of moving with friends can often be difficult. One could argue that these might apply to some people – while some friendships can easily endure the stress and problems that can happen. So, in this article, we are giving you the idea of the most common issues and conflicts that might occur. Whether they do or do not happen to you is really up to you and your friends.

So, when moving with friends, consider the following:

  • Moving is tough, and this will be a big service. You will own a huge favor to your friends, and if you are someone who doesn’t like that, then you should look into relocation services Las Vegas.
  • One of the most significant downsides of moving with friends is the position it puts you in. Your friends are helping you move so you might have a need to control them and become bossy – which some people don’t appreciate.
  • Finally, moving can get dangerous, and if you don’t have experience – you should not try to do it alone!

Moving Means Owning Someone Big Time

We already touched a little bit on just how much moving takes. That is a huge process! First, you need to figure out where you are moving and the living situation you will be in. Then, you should think about your items – what you pack and what remains. Also, the things that remain back need to go somewhere – either the trash, the donate bin or to a storage unit. Finally, you need to sort through the paperwork and do the moving after a lot of packing.

So, once you call your friends to help with any of this, you will own them a big favor. Think carefully about this – are your friends the type of people who will get you in the situation to say: “Remember when we had to do all that moving?” to get you to help them? If you think they will be holding it over you for a long time, then maybe they are not the best choice.

Helping hands can be one of the downsides of moving with friends.
Friends might ask you for favors later on.

Conversely, if they are aware of these downsides of moving with friends, then they might say no. They might be giving you some excuses that are easy to see through because they might not want to get in a confrontation with you. Understand this and be open with them, and your friendship will be safe.

Try Not to Get Bossy

Now, we already talked about just how stressful a move can get. With so many things to do, you might be starting to worry and fret about a lot. And this miscommunication can sometimes cause people to disagree and argue, and are some of the most obvious downsides to moving with friends.

So, as you are preparing to move to some of the best Las Vegas suburbs, try not to be too bossy with the people helping you. Yes, you are moving your life away, and people need to be careful with it and respect it. But you should also try to be alert and respect the people helping you. Try not just to tell them what to do, but explain. Refrain from being vague – give them clear instructions and tell then what you will need them for when asking for their help. Only this way will you be keeping your friendship intact – and making it even stronger in the process!

Most Important Downsides of Moving With Friends Concern Experience

A man clutching his chest
Avoiding any injury during the move is essential.

The trials we described will test the strength of your friendship but are probably not the most important thing you need to think about. Instead, you should worry about how much experience they have with the moving. That is because a big part of the moving process consists of actually planning for the moving day. Just a tiny part of the process is the move itself. With careful planning, you will make it all easy – while without experience it can become hell.

But planning is not the biggest in the list of downsides of moving with friends. The thing you should worry the most about is a pretty serious one. Without proper experience and equipment, your friends can easily get injured. Moving often includes having to lift heavy boxes and even unusual and heavy items. If you are not careful, these can easily fall off the truck and get damaged – or injure someone. Even the lifting process itself can hurt your back if you are not careful with it. So, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of moving, then Triple 7 Movers are the way to go. Professional movers will handle the move, and you can spend time with your friends.

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