Do you pack differently for local vs long-distance move

Moving can be a stressful and long process. There are a lot of things to consider and plan before moving, from packing supplies to finding one of the top moving companies Las Vegas . It is very important to know that the distance of your move is something to consider before planning. Moving to another street is very much different from moving from another city or state, as you probably already have in mind. What you should know is that you will eventually have to pack differently for local vs long-distance move. The packing process can surely have a huge impact on the whole thing, especially on keeping your belongings in one piece.


Sticky notes and planning
A well-planned move can save you a lot of time and energy

Preparation for moving

The key to less stressful moving is good planning. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, taking enough time to plan everything is crucial. A meticulously planned move will save you from lots and lots of stress. Moving locally can be done by yourself (and/or with help from friends) if you own a bigger vehicle. To minimize the stress and anxiety which can occur often, probably the best option for you is to hire professional local movers Las Vegas. Moving long-distance will  most likely require professionals, as driving back and forth from place to place is not exactly low cost or time-efficient. Now, when you find a reliable moving company make sure to double-check if they are long-distance, or just local, though there are companies that are well equipped for both situations.

As long-distance move requires more time, you will have to make a deal with the company of your choice in advance, as they will have to plan it also. So generally speaking, you will have to schedule your relocating to Las Vegas sometimes weeks in advance. Keep that in mind so you can make arrangements for work, school, and your other everyday obligations.

How packing for a local move differs from long-distance move packing?

The first steps are pretty much the same – start by decluttering your current place, plan and pack in advance. Don’t wait for the last week before you move to pack, you will feel much better if you already have packed:

  • items you don’t use often and won’t be needed until you move
  • seasonal clothes (ex. if you are moving in summer, pack your winter clothes. They are usually thick and chunky and will take more space in boxes, keep that in mind too)
  • ‘special use only’ items such as fancy tablecloths, silverware, glasses, festive decorations, etc
  • books you’ve already read
  • check below how to pack differently for local vs long-distance move

Extra tip: When doing the purge, be strict – get rid of everything you don’t want anymore. It won’t take space in boxes and more importantly, you won’t have to carry it around just to throw it away or sell it after. The whole ‘pack differently for local vs long-distance move’ idea is also related to the different amounts of money you will spend. By purging beforehand, you will most likely save some money. 

Person packing jeans
Pack differently for local vs long-distance move

What needs to be done differently?

Seeking another home

This may come off as an unnecessary reminder, but before everything, you have to make sure you have found an adequate place for you to move in. Finding a new place in the town you already live in can be easier and the move will surely be faster and cheaper than moving to another city or another state. So if you are planning to move from another town or state, make sure you have plenty of time to search for your next home before anything else.

Duration of the move

Moving locally can be done in a couple of hours. Moving long-distance can use a fair amount of time, considering the distance between the places. What this means for you is that all your stuff would naturally take more time to arrive at the new destination. When you get to the new place, you would need some stuff to get through until everything else arrives. Having something to sleep on is primarily. You will also need clothes, toiletry, some pots and pans, plates, glasses and mugs at your disposal to continue with everyday life. Those things would probably be at your place in a couple of hours when moving locally. This is very different for long-distance moves, so pack everything you think you will need. This is just one of the examples of how to pack differently for local vs long-distance move and what you should consider beforehand.

Pack differently for local and long-distance move

Make sure your things are properly packed to lower the risk of breakage. Boxes will travel a long way on top of each other and will also move from hand to hand on delivery. Carefully wrap and label everything, especially fragile items. Don’t overload boxes as heavy stuff can eventually break your box and fall out. Be careful to avoid any injuries for yourself and the team of long distance movers Las Vegas that are helping you. What you want to do is add an extra couple of layers of tape on the bottom of the box. Always have lighter boxes on top of heavier ones.

Extra tip: Don’t pack food or anything that can get spoiled or spilled when traveling for more than a couple of hours. Stuff like this can easily get squished in the pile of boxes. It can cause leakage and ruin your belongings and also other people’s luggage.

Label everything!

Labeling boxes is also helpful in a local move situation. What’s different about moving long-distance is that there’s a big chance the company of your choice won’t be moving only your stuff, but other people’s too. So when labeling boxes make sure to include your name or initials to know which ones are yours.

A couple hiding behind packing boxes
Get help when packing for a move

Keep important things close

Whether you are moving to the next street or going to another state, keeping your important things such as personal documents close is something that can easily be overlooked in the whole moving madness. Pack all your personal documents, work-related documents, and valuable items in a smaller bag and have it on you at all times.

Bonus tip: Long-distance moves cost more than local moves. Have that in mind when calculating your expenses.

Moving can be pretty scary and stressful, and it seems like we are not such huge fans of it. In the end, it is just one step in life. Hopefully you will find these tips on how to pack differently for local vs long-distance move helpful. If you are feeling anxious and exhausted during the process, stop and breathe. Don’t forget about your other needs during the move, as it would make things even more difficult. Try making it as easy as possible for yourself by hiring professionals or ask friends to help you.

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