Difference between moving an indoor vs outdoor hot tub

When you are planning a moving project, you have to think about every single detail. Preparing everything for the transfer can be a really tiresome task. However, you have to plan ahead, especially for that special or robust items. Hot tubs are one for sure one of the most difficult items to move. Not only that but there is a considerable difference between moving an indoor vs outdoor hot tub. But do not despair! There are a lot of reliable and professional movers in Las Vegas area who will take care of that challenge effortlessly. 

The difference between an indoor vs outdoor hot tub

Firstly, we need to understand the difference between an indoor and an outdoor hot tub before moving them. Besides the crucial one which is a place of installment, one of the main differences can be the size. Indoor hot tubs are usually smaller and often lighter than outdoor hot tubs.

Indoor hot tub with big window.
Indoor hot tubs are typically smaller.

The next difference is the installment itself. The indoor hot tub is hooked to more plumbs and electricity than the outdoor tub.

You should also think about where in your home are you placing the hot tub. If you are planning on installing it indoors, have in mind that this means considerable preparations for the designated room. You should install additional ventilation, as well as waterproof all the surfaces, including walls and ceiling. A good drainage system for the room is a must!

Preparations for moving an indoor vs outdoor hot tub

If it’s possible, do not attempt to move a hot tub by yourself. Search for hot tub movers Las Vegas and leave it to the professionals. However, it’s good to be prepared and know what the process looks like. Here’s what you need to know and do for moving an indoor vs outdoor hot tub:

Cleaning and preparing the hot tub

  • Drain the hot tub: For the outdoor tub, attach a garden hose to the drain valve. A similar technique works. Just make sure to hold the hose in place, to avoid flooding.
  • Remove any water residue: If available, use a wet-dry vac to pick up any remaining water. Any kind of air blower can be used to clear the pipes. Vacuum or mop any water that came out of the jets.
  • Clean your hot tub before the move: Make sure that you clean thoroughly your hot tub. You don’t want to risk moldy smell and limescale during the transport.
  • The right supplies are essential: Furniture dollies, moving straps, and 2-by-4s are must-haves. Of course alongside the tools and supplies absolutely necessary to disconnect. This is very important especially for the indoor hot tub.
  • Turn off the power: The safest thing is to shut off the circuit breaker first. It’s more common for the outdoor tubs to be a plug-in model. Pull out the power cord. If it’s hardwired, which is more common for the indoor tub, hire an electrician to safely disconnect it.

Moving the hot tub

  • Measure your tub: Take measurements of all sides. Thus you will make sure it will fit in the moving truck. Also, it will help to maneuver it through the house successfully if it’s an indoor tub.
  • Plan a clear path for the move: When moving something as robust as a hot tub, it’s crucial to take the most direct route possible. This is especially important as it is one of the most important differences between moving an indoor vs an outdoor hot tub. It’s equally important to clear any obstacles out of the way. Don’t forget about the path from the moving truck to the hot tub’s new place as well.
  • Pack up the equipment: Disconnect and disassemble anything that you can from the hot tub. Pack all the parts like the pump, heater, and similar, individually.

Hiring professional movers for moving your hot tub

Hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended to be on your budget list. A good household movers Las Vegas will for sure know the technical differences for moving an indoor vs outdoor hot tub. Moving the hot tub by yourself can be dangerous, not only difficult. It can increase the risk of injury. Also, you are risking damaging your hot tub. Professional and reliable hot tub movers have the skills, equipment, and experience required to safely and efficiently relocate your spa.

mover leaning against a white moving truck thinking about moving an indoor vs an outdoor hot tub
Make a budget for hiring a professional and experienced moving company.

Warranty void

If your hot tub is still under warranty, hiring professional movers may be mandatory. This way, the voiding of the warranty is unlikely. Have in mind that not all moving companies have experience with moving hot tubs. That’s why you have to be sure to find a company that specializes in this type of move. They will for sure know the difference between moving an indoor vs outdoor hot tub. Besides, you would be surprised that local movers, such as movers Henderson NV are offering these kinds of specialized services.

Important information to know on moving an indoor against moving an outdoor hot tub

Does the difference between moving an outdoor vs indoor hot tub affect the price of the service? Every professional and reliable moving company are charging their services according to the specifics of the move. Various things can impact the prices. The total moving distance, whether it’s a local or interstate, and so on. Be sure to check Las Vegas movers prices for quotation, before making a budget.

When it comes to the hot tubs, managing the moving of the outdoor vs an indoor hot tub can have different prices. Have in mind that indoor tubs are much more difficult to relocate. There can be obstructions in the way that has to be adjusted. Also – stairs are an important factor. Even handling such heavy and big items indoors is an artform by itself.

What is the weight of a hot tub?

The hot tub weight varies and is one of the differences between indoor and outdoor hot tubs. This can affect your moving budget.

An outdoor hot tub with a beautiful sunset view.
Outdoor hot tubs are typically larger and heavier.

Usually a small, up to three-person hot tub can weigh around 500 pounds empty and around 3,000 pounds when filled with water. A more typical outdoor, six-person model, weighs approximately 1,000 pounds empty or 6,000 and more pounds when full. Taking these weights into consideration it can be a little more clear how moving an indoor vs outdoor hot tub requires a lot of manpower.


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