Clean your house in a day for a move

As you must be aware by now, moving is a chaotic process. There are so many things you need to do. The list might seem endless at certain points. Months of planning and then days of packing and organizing. Little things can easily be overlooked, so we highly recommend having some sort of paper or virtual to-do list. Your life might be a bit easier if you hire some of the interstate moving companies Las Vegas has listed as available. Anyway, when you finish with all the packing and waiting for the movers to arrive there is one more thing you need to do. You need to clean up the place you are leaving. No matter if you were renting the place or it was yours and you sold it, you need to leave it clean. If you need to clean your house in a day, read carefully the below.

Get cleaning supplies on time if you want to clean your house in a day

Cleaning in most cases is done in phases, on a room-by-room basis. But if you are unable to do it because you lack time, or have a short notice move, there are ways to do it in a day. Everything will depend on the size of your home actually. Small apartments might take less time, but if you were renting them with furniture, it will take time to clean each little thing. What you need regardless of the size of the place are cleaning supplies. Rubber gloves, microfiber cloths, cleaning sprays, and a vacuum cleaner are a must. You’ll also need something to clean the grease from the oven. And let’s not forget the windows and floors, so buy some chemicals for those as well. There are some moving companies that offer cleaning services. Check with movers Boulder City if they can assist, and clean your house in a day.

When grappling with a last-minute move or simply lacking the time to tackle the extensive cleaning process, enlisting the assistance of moving companies that offer cleaning services can be a game-changer. In Dane County, WI, where efficiency and quality service are paramount, consider reaching out to reputable professionals specializing in Move In/Out Clean Services in Dane County. These services can streamline the cleaning process, ensuring your home is spotless and ready for the next phase of your journey. Moving professionals often have the expertise and resources to handle cleaning tasks swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move with confidence.


A woman holding cleaning supplies required to clean the house in a day
Before you start, you need to get as much cleaning supplies as possible

The meaning of deep cleaning

Very often we hear the expression deep clean but are unsure what it entails. People usually use this term for cleaning they do during the move or if they are having a spring cleaning, and turning the whole house upside down. This basically means cleaning everything from top to the bottom, or vice versa. How you will approach the deep clean during the move is on you, but there are some things that might help. There is a method named after its inventor, called Marie Kondo. This approach explores the idea of how tidying and cleaning up relaxes the mind. Check it, it might be just the thing for you.

When it comes to deep cleaning, the focus often remains on the interior of the house, but neglecting the exterior can detract from the overall cleanliness and appeal of the property. This is where services such as port st lucie Pressure Cleaning for exterior cleaning solutions become essential, providing a thorough method for preserving a spotless living space. From cleaning patio furniture to washing roofs, pressure washing services cover various outdoor surfaces, ensuring that every part of the home receives proper care and maintenance. Whether preparing for a move or undergoing a spring cleaning overhaul, investing in residential pressure washing ensures that every corner of the home, inside and out, reflects a commitment to cleanliness and tranquility.

How to organize in order to clean your home in a day?

As we already mentioned, people usually do this when they move in a hurry. If you really have only one day to do this or have decided to do it in a day for some other reasons, an organization is a key to success. If you are moving your furniture as well, wait until it is all disassembled and wrapped or packed. Empty houses can be cleaned very easily. Depending on the size of the home and the number of rooms, you might want to call for help. One person can be in charge of vacuuming all the rooms, while the other is dusting and cleaning the floors. Based on your priorities, you can decide how you want to divide the work. As long as you are efficient enough, it does not matter which room you will be cleaning first.

Start with the kitchen

You can start the cleaning in any order you like, but it is best to start with the most unclean rooms. They will take more time, but then you will leave the easy part for the end. And what is more filthy and greasy than the kitchen. Whether you are moving the kitchen furniture or leaving it, you need to properly clean all the surfaces. The night before, empty the fridge and unplug it from the socket. Also, spray the inside of the oven with the oven-cleaning spray, and leave overnight. The fridge and the stove will be the hardest surfaces to clean, due to many layers of food residue. The rest should be easy with just emptying the cupboards and cleaning the inside and outside of it.

Kitchen with dark cupboards
Kitchen is the most unclean room, so start the cleaning there

A bathroom should be next if you want to clean your house in a day

The bathroom is hardly ever dismantled and packed. Nobody wants to bring a toilet with him when he can just buy a new one. The bathroom items are on the list of what not to pack when you move. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom you will have to use the window cleaner to clean the mirrors. But leave that for last, you need to take care of the limescale first. Wherever there is water, there is limescale. Luckily nowadays, there are a lot of agents you can use to remove this. Most of it you will find on the faucets and under the shower. You might even need to use a toothbrush for areas that are not that accessible.

Cleaning the bedrooms and living room

The speed at which you will be able to clean these rooms will depend on the presence of the furniture. If the rooms are empty then sheer vacuuming and dusting should be enough. And then as the final touch, you should clean all the windows in these rooms. But if the rooms are still stuffed with the furniture you are not bringing with you, it might slow you down a bit. The furniture itself requires deep cleaning. For this, we suggest using vacuuming first and then dry washing. For carpets and curtains, it is ideal to use some sort of a steam cleaner, in order to properly clean and disinfect the surface.

White curtains
Use the steam cleaner for curtains in order to clean properly from all the germs

Hire professional service to clean your house in a day

If all the above sounds too difficult or complicated to you, then you might need to hire professional cleaners. Entrusting the cleaning responsibilities to experts can alleviate the stress and ensure a thorough job, especially when time is of the essence. In bustling cities like Denver, Colorado, where schedules can be tight and demands high, relying on reputable house cleaning services in Denver, CO can be a game-changer. These professionals possess the skills, tools, and efficiency to transform your space into a pristine haven while you focus on your priorities.

Furthermore, residents in Portsmouth looking for standard home cleaning services can expect a similar sense of tranquility. By choosing Standard Cleaning in Portsmouth, Virginia, people can avail themselves of dependable cleaning services that span the entire area, encompassing urban hubs and serene residential areas alike. These services are not just comprehensive but also customized to suit the unique requirements of the locality, guaranteeing meticulous attention to every nook and cranny of Portsmouth.

In order to clean your house in a day, you need to spend all day doing it. In case you have some other obligations that cannot wait, leave everything to the pros. This service costs, especially if the home you are moving out has many rooms. But if you can afford it in order to be free that day and do some other stuff, go for it.

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